Temperature Blanket FAQ: How to Choose Time Period and Location

Are you ready to knit or crochet a temperature blanket? It can be such a great year-long project! If you’re not sure where to start, our ultimate guide to temperature blankets will guide you. However, if you’re ready to begin, then you might find yourself asking some of the Temperature Blanket FAQ. For example, many people aren’t quite sure how to choose the location and time period for their blankets. We’ll cover this as well as give you a nifty tool to easily track your data!


Temperature Blanket FAQ: How to Choose Time Period and Location

Make Smart Choices for Your Temperature Blanket!

Obviously your temperature blanket pattern and colors are critical choices for your blanket. However, don’t underestimate how important it is to choose the right location and time period for temperature blanket tracking, to.

Remember that this blanket is a snapshot of a period of time. Is it a snapshot of the weather in your hometown, a friend’s favorite vacation destination or all of the places your travel throughout the year? Are you tracking daily temperature or weekly temperature, highs or lows or the average? Will you make the blanket for a year (like most people) or only for a month or a season? It’s all up to you!

Planning in advance is what makes a temperature blanket work out as a long-term project.

Temperature Blanket FAQ: What Location Do I Use?

Most people make a temperature blanket for the town in which they live. However, that’s not your only option at all. Here are some ideas of locations that you could use your temperature blanket to capture.

  • Hometown where you no longer live
  • Favorite vacation destination
  • Child, grandchild or friend’s city if this is a gift to someone
  • The temperature wherever you are on a given day, whether home or traveling.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this temperature blanket FAQ. Do choose in advance, though.

Temperature Blanket FAQ: How to Choose Time Period and Location

Temperature Blanket FAQ: What Time Period Do I Use?

Traditionally a temperature blanket tracks a year, 365 days, of weather. However, you can also use this project idea as a way to remember a special event that happened? Using a smaller time period or a particular year will help make giving a temperature blanket and even more special gift.

Here are some ideas of time periods that you could track with your temperature blanket.

  • Pregnancy (9 months of temperatures)
  • Baby’s first Year
  • 50th Birthday Year (or other milestone birthday)
  • Graduation Year
  • First year of marriage
  • Time while building a house

Typically you’ll track the time period you’re in. However, you might also use online historic weather trackers to make a blanket using the information from previous years. For example, track the average temperature in your hometown over the past 100 years as a way to show climate change. Or use the average summer and winter temperatures for each year from birth to now. Get creative!

You can also use past temperature information online to find the temperature for dates you might miss throughout the year as you work on a traditional knit or crochet temperature blanket.

Temperature Blanket FAQ: What Temperature Should I Track?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Do you track the high temperature for your chosen location? Or the low temperature? Or the average for the day? Honestly, it doesn’t matter. The key is just to be consistent. Make your choice at the beginning of your project and stick with it.

What Is the Best Tool for Tracking Temperature Blanket Data?

Want to grab an AMAZING temperature blanket tracker? Just use the button below to get access to the document. Make sure that you download a version to your own computer/Google Docs.

Three Reasons to Download NOW:

  • All of your information is one spot, online, so you can’t lose it!
  • Save a few days to work all at once
  • Have the colors for each day figured out automatically for you!

How AWESOME is that?

Temperature Blanket Tracking Sheet

Start here to learn how to knit or crochet a temperature blanket. Other helpful posts:

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