Teacher, Designer Benjamin Krudwig

Teacher, Designer Benjamin Krudwig was our guest today on the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird.

BKrudwig profile

Benjamin says he is Multi-craftural. Marly met him at the Interweave Yarn Fest this year, when he was showing off his weaving talents. He began as a crocheter in High School, also learned to knit. His work at Schacht Spindle Co also led him to weave and spin. He pursued a career in evolutionary and ecological biologist, and used crocheting and knitting as a stress relief. Working at Schacht has really opened vistas for him… With all the avenues in fiber he has to be careful with his time!

Benjamin says there is a purpose to every yarn, it just has to tell him what it wants to be; even using acrylic to try something out before investing hundreds of dollars in finer yarns. He says spinning and knitting has is focus right now, but when specifically asked by Marly, he has admits he has three knitting and one crochet projects in progress, also itching for more crochet and is inspired to weave again soon. At the moment, he admires lace more in a crochet motif and speaks of Bijou Basin Ranch yak fibers for sweaters with tingly excitement.

In his personal life, Benjamin has just shared an anniversary with his wife, who he’s taught to knit, crochet and weave. She’s an opera singer, so obviously focused with that, but we know that she will find comfort as she gets into this more. Benjamin says he’s made a few things for her, and it’s helpful to have her model things. Benjamin says he hopes to focus on menswear more…. of course things would look awesome on her but they end up in his closet.

BK Tyton Cardigan

Speaking of menswear his hope in future is to update trends that have been bulky or intended solely originally intended for women (such as shawls) that can be comfortable and finer gauge. For example, his recent creation is the Tyton Cardigan, which he created from Quince and Co Owl Tweet (these are links in Ravelry), a wool and alpaca blend for softness with a tweed blending colorized texture, and his design itself adds a slight textural added to the stitchwork that guys (and girls) love.

Benjamin admits that he’s in the baby stages of his career. Eventually, he wants to be known for menswear designs, hopes to add books… he sees ‘anything is go’ and all he has to do is work and work hard.

Follow Benjamin Krudwig at his blog, or in Ravelry he has a group. In fact he’s offering 25% off all his patterns in Ravelry… He can also be found in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook …. he’s saying just Google him, but I think if you love him, you’ve already found him.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Benjamin’s designs are full of textured knits and crochet too. I’m excited that Marly had a budding designer on the podcast. Good luck in your future. Ps. I love the frog pattern!

  2. Jennifer Purtee says:

    This was my first time listening in on a podcast and I loved it. I hope to one day be able to make textured knits, I’m still a beginner.

  3. Debbie Rotondo says:

    I enjoy working with textured knits. Cables used to frighten me but now I love the pop of texture they add to a knit or crochet item.

    My husband doesn’t want me to knit for him. Maybe I can change his mind with one of your
    Tyton Cardigan pattern.

  4. Mona says:

    I’m always looking for cool patterns to knit/crochet for men. I agree with Benjamin about textured knits, I pick yarns and fibers based on feel.

  5. christi says:

    Such an enjoyable podcast. Textured knits are loads of fun, and it’s great to have a male designer designing male knits. Can’t wait to see what future designs he creates!

  6. TopHat says:

    I haven’t knit any textured knits lately. It’s been mostly lace, but as we’re coming up on winter, I’m sure I’ll be doing it more! Thanks for the interview!

  7. Renee' C. says:

    Yes, yes, YES! Textured knits are what’s amazing to me to see the stitches come alive with different textures! It was so fun learning about Benjamin! Thank you, Marly!

  8. Katelyn M says:

    Thanks for another great show. I enjoyed hearing from and about Benjamin, whom I hadn’t heard about before. I love all the textured knit and crochet projects that he has. The tectonic hat is a really interesting concept, I will be checking that pattern out more.

  9. roseruffolo says:

    Hi Ladies, Benjamin seems like such a sweetheart. I wish him all the best! Here’s to the fibre arts, “TEXTURED KNITS” and the fab designers who share their amazing work with us!


  10. Lori Biamonte says:

    I love textured knits and was inspired by the podcast today. I love to hear people who are passionate about their career choice.

  11. Melissa C. says:

    Textured knits are not my cup of tea, as I crochet! But Techtonic is in my Ravelry queue, I love it’s modern look. Great meeting you Benjamin!

  12. SallyFromIdaho on rav says:

    I’m always looking for
    patterns to knit for men.
    I agree with Benjamin about textured knits, I
    pick yarns and fibers based on feel.

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