Dress Up Your Holiday Dinner Table with Red Heart Planned Pooling Argyle Table Runner Free Crochet Pattern

We recently did a roundup of nearly 30 free knit and crochet table runner patterns from Yarnspirations. Each one of them is great for different seasons and decor inspiration. Today, I wanted to specifically highlight the Red Heart Planned Pooling Argyle Table Runner Free Crochet Pattern. It’s a versatile table runner in terms of color; you can use it throughout the rest of the season. And it’s a great way to brighten up any dinner table, big or small.

What Is a Table Runner?

If you’re not familiar with the idea of a table runner, it’s basically an alternative to a table cloth. It runs the length of the table but is not as wide as the table. Typically, you place it down the center of the table lengthwise. It adds a decorative touch. If you use candles, place dishes of butter or condiments, etc. on the table, the the table runner is a great place to hold them. While most times you’ll run the table runner lengthwise, sometimes a short table runner can work running down the center of the width of the table. And although you don’t usually see them on circular tables, you can definitely make them work.

Why Use a Table Runner?

A table runner is such an easy way to make any dinner table look just a little bit more special. Choose colors that work for the season or theme of the dinner you’re having. This particular argyle table runner free crochet pattern is a great one for early fall. So, if you’re having people over for apple pie, pumpkin carving, or just a nice autumn dinner, then this one works well. Rather than decorating the whole house for a party or even a whole season, a table runner is such a simple way to set the mood.

The Red Heart Planned Pooling Argyle Table Runner Free Crochet Pattern

That’s a mouthful, I suppose. But it covers a lot of what you need to know about this pattern.

First of all, it’s obviously a free crochet pattern for a table runner.

Secondly, it’s an argyle design that uses the planned pooling technique. Don’t be too intimidated if you haven’t used this technique before. I have lots of instructions here on the site all about planned pooling.

Third, it uses Red Heart yarn. Specifically, you’ll use Red Heart With Love. This is a 100% acrylic yarn that’s surprisingly soft. It’s a worsted weight yarn that you can wash and dry by machine. That’s perfect for a table runner since you want to be able to easily clean it after the meal is done. You’ll use solid colors fo the border but multicolored Red Heart with Love for the planned pooling effect.

Creative Ideas For Ways To Use a Table Runner

You can definitely just use a table runner on your table as intended. However, there are also some other creative ways to use this table runner free crochet pattern.

When I posted about the table runner roundup that we did on Instagram, the wonderful Tamara of Moogly blog mentioned that many of those would make terrific rectangular shawls as well. This is so true! I can definitely see this one working as an autumn shawl, right?

Additionally, it would work really well as a wall hanging. Whether horizontal or vertical, this could easily make a great statement wall art piece.

And table runners can also make great picnic blankets, especially for tailgate parties. They aren’t typical blanket size but that’s totally okay for a picnic blanket.

Get This Table Runner Free Crochet Pattern

You can get this table runner free crochet pattern right here or click the image below.

More Table Runner Patterns

See our roundup of other table runner patterns you might enjoy here (or click the image below).

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