35 Summer Crochet Blanket Patterns

If you love making blankets then you might dread summer because it’s not the ideal weather for such big projects. However, there are a lot of great summer crochet blanket patterns. In this post, I’ll sure five different Leisure Arts crochet books that each offer a variety of patterns perfect for crafting over the next few months.

Hesitant to make blankets in the summer? Check out our 17 summer craft tips. And if you’d really prefer a smaller project – check out our roundup of the best crochet shorts patterns.

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Tips for Good Summer Crochet Blanket Patterns

summer crochet blanket books

Here are some things that you should look for when trying to find good summer crochet blanket patterns:

  • Choose motif-based designs. Of course, you’ll have to do a lot of joining and weaving in ends at the end. However, working on one motif at a time keeps the work lightweight and cool.
  • Look for crochet blankets made of cotton, linen, and other lightweight yarn. Work with cooling summer yarns.
  • Select openwork crochet patterns. You can use these as summer blankets because they let the air flow through.
  • Work on small crochet blankets. In other words, make baby blankets and lapghans rather than king-sized afghans.

5 Books for Summer Crochet Blanket Patterns

Leisure Arts has five books of crochet afghan patterns. Many of these crochet patterns are perfect for summer crafting. All together, you’ll find nearly three dozen crochet patterns in these books. That should keep you plenty busy with wonderful summer crafting.

Lacy Afghans Make Perfect Summer Crochet Blanket Patterns

Purchase Lacy Afghans

Inside this book you will find eight lightweight crochet afghans. Although the book is about lace, the yarn of choice for all of the patterns is worsted weight. Typically when people hear lace they think lightweight, fingering yarn. In this case the patterns have an open stitch pattern using a thicker weight yarn. This combination still works for comfortable crafting of summer crochet blankets.

Using a worsted weight with a lace pattern you are able to work up the patterns quickly. In this book you will see open lace stitches paired with post stitches and bobbles to create amazing texture to your blanket. Therefore, you get the opportunity to crochet some great designs. And yet, you should feel comfortable as you craft this summer.

Cotton Blankets and Throws Are Lightweight for Summer

Cotton is a great yarn choice for summer crochet blankets. This book includes half a dozen lightweight crochet blankets. You can use these indoors or out this summer. Looking at each of these blankets I immediately think of spring and summer, sitting around at night when it cools off a little and needing something for your lap as you sit around chatting about your day.

There are some things you need to consider when using cotton but overall it is a great choice. When working with cotton, you do need to think about the fact that it will stretch out over time, that is the nature of the fiber. Check your gauge before you get started, even on these blankets, so you know what size your blanket will be when finished. When you get your cotton wet it will stretch out a little and the blanket size might grow. You can learn all of this about the cotton that you select by doing a gauge swatch and blocking it. Red Heart’s Scrubby Cotton would be perfect smooth cotton yarn for making these blankets.

Scrappy Afghans Let You Work In Pieces To Stay Cool

Book Review-Scrappy Afghans

Scrappy Afghans is a collection of 8 colorful projects that you can use to work through your stash. Have you been keeping small bits of left over yarn after projects and just aren’t sure how to use them? These blanket projects are the perfect way. Working with smaller bits of yarn instead of huge skeins is great for making summer crochet blankets that aren’t as hot to craft.

Most of the projects require a base color that you will need a good amount of. Your scraps are then used to fill in with color for the blankets. Take a look inside the book to see that there are even patterns that include fringe so that you don’t have as many ends to weave in with all of the color changes! I am sure that you will have a great time picking out scrap colors to make these beautiful projects.

Modern Southwest Afghans

Purchase Modern Southwest Afghans

Inside the book, you will find six crochet afghan patterns with modern Southwest flair. Projects range from easy to intermediate in crochet skills.

Color choices are what really set off the Southwest feel. That said, you could easily change the colors to change up the style of these blankets. Pick out your colors and get started on one of these six amazing patterns.

Of the five books in this roundup, this one is the least conducive to making summer crochet blankets. The blankets in this collection using heavier yarn weights. However, there are a few good options in here. Plus, the blankets are so lovely that we couldn’t fail to include this title.

Afghans & Pillows to Love

Purchase Afghans & Pillows to Love

Inside the book you will find seven new patterns that use eye-catching colors and trendy twists on traditional styles. You will find a new take on the log cabin blanket, some beautiful motif blankets, a scrap blanket and more.

Each afghan in this book is paired with a pillow that ties back to the pattern of the blanket. They can be used together on a couch or bed to make a full set. Don’t feel that you have to make both together, of course. You can pick and choose what you love and get started. When it’s too hot to crochet even the lightest of blankets, switch to a pillow!

The cover photo is one of my favorite blankets of the book. This is one of those great summer crochet blankets because it’s motif-based. but I also love the granny square blanket with its tassels on every point. It is such a great modern idea. Just remember, if you don’t like tassels or the color, then don’t be afraid to change it up a little to something you love.

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