Start Your Next Knit Half Circle Shawl With This Free Pattern

The Titled Blocks knit half circle shawl is a free pattern (or buy the ad-free pdf here). There is a lot to love about this shawl so you might want to bookmark it now as the next accessory you make for yourself or someone that you love.

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Knit half circle shawl free pattern

5 Reasons to Love This Knit Half Circle Shawl Free Pattern

What are some of the things that you love about a knit shawl pattern? There are many different features that might appeal to you from color to drape to ease of stitching. This knit half circle shawl pattern incorporates many features that knitters are sure to love. Here are five of them:

1. The Half Circle Shape

There are so many different shawl shapes out there. Of course, each has something to be said for it. For example, the rectangular shawl is great for new knitters who aren’t ready to do advanced shaping. But as far as a flattering fit goes, the half circle shape can’t be beat.

The knit half circle shawl wraps around you in such a beautiful way. The fullness of the design gets showcased on your back. The front wrapping around you accentuates whatever top or dress you’re wearing. Plus it gives you the opportunity to knit an easy but interesting shape for your shawl.

2. Garter Stitch

The majority of this knit half circle shawl is crafted in garter stitch. That means that this knit shawl pattern is easy, repetitive, and therefore a meditative knitting pattern. You can easily use it to practice mindfulness while you knit. That means it might even make a great prayer shawl pattern.

Tilted Blocks is a knit half circle shawl free pattern by Marly Bird

3. Tilted Blocks Border for Detail

Although the majority of the knit half circle shawl is crafted in garter stitch, things get a little bit more interesting at the border. The tilted blocks pattern is a geometric pattern that adds flair and style to the shawl. You’ll have fun crafting it.

More than that, it adds to the flattering fit of the half circle shape. People will notice it. In fact, one commenter on Ravelry noted that they’d never thought before of using the Titled Blocks stitch pattern as a border.

4. The Long Color Fade of the Yarn

There are so many different multi-colored yarn options to choose from these days. There are ombre yarns. Alternatively, there are short color change yarns. And self-striping yarns. And flecked or tweed yarns. This knit half circle shawl utilizes a long color fade yarn.

What does that mean? It’s a Wrap yarn is a huge ball of yarn that does all of the color work for you. You work with one color for a long time, then it fades into the next color. There are some versions that are ombre but there are also versions that simply use complementary colors. The blues and grays in this shawl emphasize the beauty of this type of yarn.

The border comes into play here, as well. You’ll use one ball of yarn for the half circle knit shawl – the part that you make wit the garter stitch. Then you’ll use another ball to create the border. The result is a fun interaction of the color play between the two sections.

5. It Works Up Surprisingly Fast

If you’re looking for a shawl pattern that you can knit up quickly then this one fits the bill. The shawl is 38″ at the center line, so it’s a generously-sized shawl. And yet, you can finish it fairly fast. This makes it a very satisfying project indeed.

What Else You Should Know About This Knit Pattern

Here are a few of the extra details that you might want to know about the Titled Blocks Knit Half Circle Shawl free pattern:

Get the Tilted Blocks free knit shawl pattern here.

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