Stacy Rhoads of Too Yarn Cute

Stacy Rhoads of Too Yarn Cute is the latest of the crochet bloggers appearing on the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird. Her website is www.tooyarncute.com

TooYarnCutelogoStacy Rhoads is a self-taught crocheter. Her grandmother and great-grandmother were both crocheters, but she thought she she was ‘too cool’ to ask to learn from them. (Now that her grandmother has passed away, she wishes she had learned from her but she feels her presence when she crochets.) Stacy was determined to crochet, and felt important to carry it on. She is a visual crocheter, which becomes hard,when learning to read patterns. When she writes patterns, she sometimes finds that she has created stitches that she can’t find names for elsewhere and has to name them herself, then figure out how to describe how they’re done.

tycRudolphHatTwo years ago, in preparation for a Christmas Craft show, she wanted to create a Rudolph hat. Tara from Triffles and Treasures saw that she was struggling with the creation of the eyes and lent her a hand and once the pattern was created, really encouraged her to publish that pattern, her first one on Ravelry.

Her website was begun about a year ago as a way to share with others after she had been posting things on Facebook. Stacy is visually and hearing impaired and wanted an income not based on her disability. When she got into the blogger and designer world, she realized that she wanted to encourage others the way she had been treated. She lists patterns that she feels are simple as available for no charge, which she realizes brings traffic to her website, and more challenging patterns have different levels of pricing.

Stacy’s designs originate from a desire to meet her needs. A friend, or a relative will ask for something, or her kids will ask her to match their toys. For instance, two years ago the houndstooth color patterning seemed to be popular, she created a collection that uses it. (Really, her Rudolph patterns still are the most popular. They are very cute!) You can check out her patterns that are listed in Ravelry at THIS LINK.

Eventually she evolved her work into an e-magazine, and is working toward a directory of patterns, to save us time from scrolling between Ravelry and other pattern resources.


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  1. Michelle says:

    What a cute interview! And Stacey’s patterns are just adorable. I have a feeling she is going to be a BIG success in the yarn world…just like Marley!

  2. Kim Wilkinson says:

    I agree with the other two comments so far. Everything you design is so cute. Thank you for being on marlys show and Marly thank you for having the show.

  3. Lisa Nixon says:

    Wow – the rudolph hat is so cute…..i need to figure out better how to crochet so that I can make it. Marly, listening to your podcast twice a week makes my walks on those days go so much quicker.

  4. Missy Schmidt says:

    While listening to the show I was looking through Stacy’s patterns on Ravelry! I am on cute overload! (In a completely wonderful way!) I have a feeling I’ll be buying a few of her patterns whether or not I win this prize!

  5. Jessica B says:

    The Rudolph collection is very impressive & cute! I would never have thought to make hats and loveys for the other characters. Stacy is very creative.

  6. Lorraine Sutherland says:

    I really enjoyed listening to the interview with Stacy from Too Yarn Cute. As a crocheter it is nice to hear from other crocheters and people who have the blogs and sites that I frequent. Her Rudolph collection is so very cute. I love her Hermie lovey also! I have to make it for my daughter (who is an adult but has said that Hermie is her favorite character). Thanks again for another great episode.

  7. Rose Ruffolo says:

    Helloooooo Ladies!

    Stacy, the way you captured the likeness of the “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” charachters is absolutely amazing! You are a very gifted artist indeed!

    All your designs are truly too yarn “CUTE”!

    Wishing you all the best and much success in all your personal and professional endeavors!

    Rose Ruffolo

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