Something Cozy This Election Season: VOTE Sweater Knit Pattern

No matter where you land on the political spectrum, this election season has been a hectic one. Make yourself cozier through it all with this VOTE sweater knit pattern.


It’s not easy to put yourself out there as a designer with a strong suggestion like “Go Vote.” Note that I’m not suggesting who you should vote for. Nevertheless, sometimes the public reacts negatively even to the suggestion to go VOTE. And yet, I decided to make this VOTE sweater knit pattern. Why?

I believe in voting. I often feel as though my voice is small, and the actions that I can take are even smaller. Even if I scream and yell at the top of my lungs about what I think, believe, or am passionate about, it doesn’t mean everybody will hear me. Nor does it mean that I’ll be effective. However, through the years I’ve learned that the best way to have my voice heard is TO VOTE.

And although this is especially important right now during the presidential election, it’s something that matters every year, all year long. Voting isn’t just about the presidency. It’s also about your local representatives and propositions. If you want to have a voice in what’s happening around you, then you can VOTE.

So, if you believe in voting, then you might want to make this VOTE knit sweater. It is a simple way to show that you care about expressing your voice and allowing others to express theirs. And it will keep you warm and cozy all winter long, no matter what your particular vote is.

And If You Don’t Like the VOTE Phrase

Although I hope you’re drawn to this VOTE knit sweater pattern because of the message, it’s okay if you don’t want to wear the VOTE phrase around town. You can adapt this sweater pattern easily to leave the word off. If you like the big pop of color, the pockets, and the hood, then you’ll still enjoy this sweater, with or without the wording on it.

Vote Knit Sweater Pattern

About the VOTE Chunky Knit Cardigan Pattern

This is a chunky knit cardigan worked in Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn. It works up quickly, and it’s thick and cozy. It’s a great layering piece. It has a hood to keep out the chill. Moreover, it has pockets, which are always the best thing to have when trying to use a cardigan to stay warm. The pockets are worked in a double knitting manner that makes them seamless.

The VOTE knit sweater pattern is written for 9 sizes from XS to 5x. It’s important to be inclusive! It’s designed to be oversized, so when choosing your finished measurement, aim for at least 5″ of ease. This is a sweater that’s designed to keep you comfy and cozy!

The VOTE wording is created using intarsia knitting. If you aren’t familiar with intarsia, and you aren’t ready to give it a try, that’s okay. You can add the word VOTE by making the sweater first and using duplicate stitch for the wording.

The VOTE knit sweater is on trend, comfortable, and lets people around you know that your voice matters.

Get the VOTE Knit Sweater Pattern

The VOTE knit sweater pattern is available for sale in my Ravelry Store. Get it today.

VOTE knit sweater pattern on Ravelry

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