Shibaguyz, Shannon and Jason Mullett-Bowlsby

Shibaguyz, Shannon and Jason Mullett-Bowlsby,  were the guests on the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird today. ‘Shiba’ as in they have THREE Shiba Inu, so with Marly’s dogs we could have come canine contributions here too!

The name ‘Shibaguyz Designz’ actually came from their dogs, when they visit neighborhood markets with their dogs, three Shiba Inus, that attract a lot of attention and became known locally as the ‘guys with the Shiba Inus’. Their background includes ballroom dance (and some tap) on Shannon’s part, for 20 years danced professionally, competition and also taught. About five years ago, he walked away from that to get started designing, meeting with Drew Emborsky and Leisure Arts at their first TNNA. He’d studied palentology in college, but they had both learned to sew as kids, taught by mom’s. Jason’s dad dabbled in photography, and he liked photographing their designs and swatches and grew in his skills with the camera and graphic design from there. They found there was not a lot of formal training for what they wanted to do. Shannon says that he and Jason found most of their success was in beating the pavement and making contacts. He says if it wasn’t for professionals being open with what they had done, they wouldn’t have known what to do. Jason’s walking away from corporate JOB to be full-time Shibaguyz Designs was a little more traumatic, like ripping a bandage but sounds like he was ready.

Their new book Designer Crochet: 32 patterns to Elevate your Style, Sizes Small to 5XThis is their seventh book (and another is on the way), you really need to take a look at their design listings in Ravelry.

They’ve also started a Technique Tuesday, to help us perfect our stitches AND our photography! That can be found in posts on their Facebook page and their website. The Shibaguyz really believe in the community that’s formed around their work and are still getting a thrill from seeing their book on a shelf in a store. For them it’s been a great adventure.

Their website: includes three primary factors of their lives, their designs, their photography and their favorite cooking ideas.

I found the previous archived episode:

If you missed today’s episode when it was LIVE you can still hear it as an archived episode:

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  1. Martha says:

    Loved this interview. These guys were very interesting to listen to, and the designs and photos are gorgeous. I have never heard of Shiba Inus before. As a dog lover, it is always fun to learn about a new breed.

    • Kathy Moffett says:

      I enjoyed the interview. I looked at the patterns in the new book and love them. I have added this book as the first one on my wish list. Friends of mine have Shiba Inus. They are very cute dogs.

  2. Kim Wilkinson says:

    Shiva inus are beautiful and wonderful babies. Thanks for the great podcast. I can’t wait to see the book. This is definitely one I will buy if I don’t win.

  3. Theresa says:

    Never heard of a Shiba Inus but they are so cute. Enjoyed listening to the podcast today. Looking forward to seeing this new book. Will definitely be ording for my library’s collection.

  4. princess425 says:

    Love the Shibaguyz (and the shibas). I got the book immediately but would love to win an autographed copy and pass the book along to another crochet lover. I live in Seattle and have had the pleasure of meeting these two talented guys. I have purchased books and patterns previously and love their work. Thanks Marly for having them on the show. It was awesome.

  5. Karen CK Ballard says:

    This is the first podcast of yours that I have heard and, as a fledgling designer, I really enjoyed hearing about The Shibaguyz exploits in the in the crochet and knitting design world. I want a copy of their new book and thank you for the opportunity to win a copy — shibas. Best Regards, Karen

  6. Lori Biamonte says:

    Marly, you and Shannon have the same infectious laugh. May everyone be blessed with jobs that make them so happy and with dogs like the shibas that add joy to life.

  7. Amy says:

    It was so great to hear you talking to Jason and Shannon, Marly. I had the pleasure of taking a class from Shannon back at the Crochet Liberation Front retreat and even got to see the Shibas in person there. I am so excited about this book. When the patterns started showing up on Ravelry, I had several, “Whoa, look at that!” moments. I also loved hearing that the photos in the book focus on the garments not the models. I’ve actually already ordered the book because I was feeling down the other day and needed a mood lift. But I still want to win because I want that autographed copy, baby! I’ll find a good home for the one I ordered.

  8. Susan. says:

    The podcast was such a blast! Nice to listen to you having so much fun. Nice to have a new to me designer/photographer! Now, off to figure out what the Shiba breed looks like!

  9. Janet says:

    They make husbands that weave in ends, sew pieces together, and block projects?? Who knew! Does he walk the Shibas when it’s cold and rainy too? LOL.

    But seriously, great podcast, so nice to hear when talents align.

  10. Renee' C. says:

    What a fun podcast! I’ve never heard of Shibas (Shiba Inus) EVER until this podcast, so thanks again for widening my horizons, Marly!

  11. Michelle says:

    Shibas are beautiful dogs. This was a beautiful interview. Very fitting don’t you think?
    I love how you all discribed the way your business is a family affair. I could feel the love and respect that the “guys” have for each other. Another beautiful thing!

  12. Melissa C. says:

    What fascinating lives these fellas have led! And I’m intrigued by the book, the designs are gorgeous, and sized for me! When I get my stash used up, I’m in. And dude, I didn’t know what a shiba was, had to use “the Google”! 😉

  13. Rose Ruffolo says:

    Great show! You did it again Marly…you opened my eyes to great talent!

    The “SHIBASGUYS” have such gorgeous contemporary pieces. I’m very excited to be adding their books and designs to my collection!

    Thanks Marly!
    Rose Ruffolo

    PS Not sure if keyword is “SHIBAGUYS” or “SHIBA”…thought I’d play it safe ;p

  14. Missy Schmidt says:

    Loved the show and I love the Shibaguyz!!! So much fun! And I also just LOVE Shibas! Such beautiful animals!!!!

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