Sara Delaney talks all about Designing Your Own Crochet Projects on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird

Join Marly Bird and guest Sara Delaney, author of Designing Your Own Crochet Projects, on the Yarn Thing Podcast at 10am MST on Tuesday January 30th. Learn all about confidently customizing your crochet with Sara and her new book.

Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird and guest Sara Delaney author of Design Your Own Crochet Projects

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About Author Sara Delaney:

Sara Delaney is the author of Design Your Own Crochet Projects and How to Crochet and has been designing for over 10 years. You can find more of her work on Ravelry and Craftsy. She lives in western Massachusetts, with her husband and their 2 daughters where they raise chickens, regularly fail at gardening, and make maple syrup.

Purchase Design Your Own Crochet Projects:

Design Your Own Crochet Projects is a comprehensive crochet design course being the first of its kind to offer a unique formula approach and an online crochet calculator. There are 18 sample patterns to help you build your confidence and learn techniques.

Sara walks you through the entire design process starting with how to select your yarn and making a swatch. Also included in the book is a mini stitch dictionary of 31 classic crochet stitches. Get ready to start designing today with some help from Sara.

Purchase your copy of Construction Vehicles to Crochet over on Amazon.


Shop all of Sara’s books on Amazon.

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  1. Kathie Duso says:

    I was finally able to join a live podcast for a change…..YEA! I am just like Marly and HATE MATH!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Sheryl Hulse says:

    I’m going to need Sara’s book in order to do the math for some creative patterns. I’m planning on doing a craft show later this fall. This will be my first. Wish me luck! :0)

  3. Blanche Gile says:

    Math is the key word and I hate math I can not do it to save my life I so need her calculator to help me with all the math in crochet

  4. Stacy Click says:

    Sara’s keyword is MATH 😀 and my relationship with math is rocky at best! Maybe with Sara’s help we won’t be headed for divorce lol

  5. Dee faughn says:

    I really really need this book Sara. I suck at math Marly you an i have the same problems. Lol, love the podcast. Im wanting to make my own sweaters an kids clothes for my own kids but way to much adding involved. I need this is my life!!

  6. Leslie says:

    I enjoy the MATH aspect of crochet. It’s great if you are changing a pattern and have to follow the math to make sure it works … and when it does… YAY!!

  7. Nancy Liriano says:

    Yeah, I don’t do well with MATH either but I sure love a challenge! Thanks for the great suggestions on the podcast!!

  8. Denise says:

    I’ve been a crocheter since I was 6 yrs. old and I don’t know how to read patterns. I’ve been teaching my self how to read patterns and never relized the Math you in crocheting. For me I see a picture of a crochet piece and I can make it without the pattern. I Love watching your videos Marly. I’ve been knitting for a year and I have done 2 of your projects. Thank you for videos and help along the way!

  9. Bertha Murillo says:

    You two ladies are one of a kind. Wonderful people and great teachers. Keep up the good work. Who thought math would become so helpful in crochet. I am glad I payed attention and did not do so bad.
    Thank you for all you do.

  10. John Figueroa says:

    Starting up in knitting and crocheting and I have to meet up with my old nemesis… MATH!!
    I would love to have this book. Its my only hope

  11. Roseann Alexander says:

    Today was my first time watching but live. I wasn’t able to find where I can type something live for you to see when you were choosing the winner. Maybe because I was using my phone.
    I also watch your other show-podcast too.

  12. Linda McCluskey says:

    I am not great at math. I have always had the creative talents. Art, craft, music and so on. I have always had a handful of projects going at once. I am new to the knit/crochet world and so glad to be here, I love it, I love yarn!

  13. Donna Coggeshall says:

    I love math. It is in every aspect of our lives. I love to create crochet projects. It would be great to win your book Sara. Thanks Marly for the wonderful podcast.Thanks, Donna

  14. Aida Hartmann says:

    I’m not only crazy for Marlybird.com; I’m also crazy for math!
    Great show today. Have been wanting to expand my crochet skills and now I know of a reference book to have on hand.

  15. Christina Schuricht says:

    Favorite subject in school until i got to geometry!…hating MATH on a daily basis now! Lol … numbers constantly going thru my head & have to write #’s down after a cpl hrs …especially my stitches!..

  16. Diane Samp says:

    I love math. I always did great in it in school and it has always clicked for me. I use it everyday for my job.

  17. Brenda Davenport says:

    Marly, I’m with youI I HATE MATH!! When I was in school (back in the 60s) math was not taught by mathematician but by teachers with degrees in other subjects that got stuck teaching the math class. Therefore kids like I was (ADHD and dyslexia) got left behind, even in college I still never developed a love for math. After all these years I still have not found a need for algebra! And I want to win Sara’s book.

  18. Isalinda Damas says:

    I love Marly Bird videos! Thank you all of you who make those videos possible… I would also have loved MATH at school, when I was little, if MATH was as fun as crocheting :0) Much love from Portugal <3

  19. Shelley MacDougall says:

    Although I am pretty good at Math, I don’t love it. I have trouble getting away from it though since I am a crocheter and an accountant. Lol! Great podcast! I would love to win the book!

  20. lorrie says:

    I’ve always had a hard time with math. I wish I was taught with knitting and crochet too in school. I’m very interested in your book! Thanks for the chance to win! Happy belated birthday!

  21. Rhonda Rogers says:

    I love crochet and math makes it so much easier. I would love to add this resource to my library. Enjoyed the podcast

  22. Stacy Koster says:

    I loved today’s discussion about the process for designing and how Sara Delaney became a designer. I agree, if math had been taught in terms of knitting or crochet, I’d have understood it better.

  23. Jessica kelly says:

    This one is awesome! Thank you. I love that you both struggled with math too and the comment that if we had been taught math with these concepts you would have gotten it. Me too. Totally. I too have been considering working more in the yarn industry. I work at Michaels and teach the knit and crochet classes there. I have started my own shop online through Etsy with knit and crochet items to sell. But thought I would try designing my own products. I will definitely get your book. Crochet is my first love taught by my grandma so I thought I would try there. I’ve considered starting a blog too so thanks for that advise as well. Love your podcasts Marly.

  24. Pam Pongratz says:

    I love math. It has helped me in most areas of my life. Really love tools that make it easier too- especially as I get older.

  25. dreamingofsewing says:

    I appreciate how crocheted projects involve math which is very important for fitted garments. I bought over 56 balls of Chic Sheep yarns in Nov. 2017, which are in 5mm needles (knitting / crochet). So I need to do some simple math to convert to the designs I used. The good thing about sticking to one kind of yarn is I don’t have to make swatches.

  26. Arndrea Martin says:

    Although I did well with maths at school, the way they teach it nowadays has me scratching my head.. This is the second podcast I have enjoyed watching since having my carpal tunnel release surgeries done. Although I can’t crochet at the moment, I am really enjoying reading blogs and watching YouTube tutorials in my down time to learn new skills. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us all.

  27. Stephan Burse Jr says:

    Growing up I was very good at math but after years of not using it I’d have to say I’m shaky lol. Would love to learn the math aspect of crochet!

  28. Sue White says:

    MATH has been my thorn in the flesh since grade school!! But I want to be a winner, so I’ve got to learn how to create varying sizes for the patterns I design. Sara’s book is a godsend!!! Love your podcast Marly!!

  29. Linda Cole says:

    MATH not my friend, Sara’s book would be a blessing for me. I enjoyed the PodCast thank you Marley and Sara.

  30. Brenda Carpenter says:

    I flip numbers all around backwards and forwards. I understand MATH theory just fine. The numbers just dance around on me. MATH has been a challenge because of that.

  31. Debbie Hanchett says:

    Math was not my favorite subject in school, but knitting is my favorite thing, so I will learn to live with it! 🙂

  32. Bonnie Purvis says:

    MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love math. It was always what I was good at in school. Math is a big part of crocheting and I love crocheting as well. I love that I can start with a ball of yarn and create something beautiful from it.

  33. Heidi Brincken says:

    Math is difficult for me that’s why I married a math teacher! I can do it but I always have him check my work. I will definitely check out that calculator of yours. I’d love to win your book too!
    It was so fun to watch your video today. Very good information. Thank you so much.

  34. Carleen Roberts says:

    I use math every day as an RN, but using math to crochet is much more fun! Sara and Marly, it was a great podcast. I would love to take a fibers 101 class online or better yet in person so I could feel the different yarns.

  35. Leanne C. says:

    Great podcast! I like math. I think people struggle with math, because they think it’s difficult, or that they aren’t good at it. Then that fear makes it harder to break down and work through the problem.

  36. Jennifer Fontana says:

    Math math math… I love math…. actually I love the design of math in creating and in the natural world.. It amazes me we I can see the math design in nature and crafting.

  37. Sandra Dedula says:

    Math is beautiful! Enjoyed the podcast with Sara Delaney. I have Design Your Own Crochet Projects on hold at the library. Can’t wait to actually deisgn my own project! Thanks Marly and Sara.

  38. Mari Johnson says:

    Great book. Saw it in a magazine and had to check it out. I love math, and like designing projects; but I have a hard time finding standard measurements for some accessories.

  39. Sandi Embry says:

    I for one really appreciate your math skills in changing sizes, awesome skill. I like using the same pattern over and over.

  40. Juliahoney Kamenker says:

    Math was never my friend in school Would love to see how you made it friendly to design wonderful projects

  41. Amberly says:

    I love books that make the math of designing simpler! I love creating my own designs, but hate the time it takes to do the math, so this book seems like the perfect fit for me!

  42. Sarah Short says:

    My relationship with math is complicated. It takes me a while to understand it but once the light bulb goes off I feel such a sense of accomplishment.

  43. Karen Dunlap says:

    Actually I’ve always loved math but got tricked out in my first college semester by a ta who constantly paced like a caged lion. After german classes and a logic class I rounded back to elementary education and flew thru the education math classes. Most of my knitting and crochet is done my way and not by pattern
    I make my own notes but the 2 times I’ve tried to share them w/friends, they haven’t been able to finish.

  44. Suzanne says:

    I couldn’t agree more that if math and knitting were taught together, I’d be a whiz. I’m headed to look at Sara’s books and that calculator! Thanks for the chat.

  45. Mary Alice Helgesen says:

    I love math! That is why I became an engineer. I have noticed recently that many designers of knitting and crochet patterns have a math or scientific background. I am not saying I have all the answers, but I think we could do a better job teaching math. So many people seem to think that it is not very relevant or useful for creative people, but it is the basis for so much in our modern world. I enjoyed hearing about Sarah’s book and am eager to see it. I like all of the Web’s patterns that I have seen that she designed. I noticed someone said in these comments that she had problems commenting on the live video. I also had that problem.

  46. Bonnie C. says:

    I absolutely love math! I think that’s why I am drawn to knitting/crochet. I love all the numbers and counting. My goal is to create my own knit/crochet designs one day. Sara’s book is definitely on my wish list!

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