Round and Round the Crochet Hook-Book Review

This week in our Weekly Wednesday review we take a look at a brand new crochet book, “Round and Round the Crochet Hook” by Emily Littlefair. Keep reading to learn about the book, the author, and to play a little game with Emily!

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Round and Round the Crochet Hook by Emily Littlefair

About Round and Round the Crochet Hook:

Round and Round the Crochet Hook by Emily Littlefair

This book really stole my heart with the colors of the projects! Yes, I am a color person, and cool colors are my love language! Emily and I seem to be on the same page based on her hobbies and preferences, maybe that is why I enjoyed her book so much! Or it could be that she is a talented designer and creates beautiful work!

Taking a look at the book you will notice that it is full of doily projects. Many people think of tiny crochet hooks and very thin thread when they hear the word doily. Emily is breaking that mold and created these projects using cotton yarn in bulky and fingering weight. Not only has she broken the mold of the materials used but she is changing the way that we think about doilies and what their purpose is in our home.

Emily has created projects that are coasters, rugs, pillows, cushions, and even a bag! Best of all she shows that doilies don’t have to be somethings that just sits on your table. She designed a BEAUTIFUL doily that she then put on an embroidery hoop to create a beautiful wall hanging. I will admit that is first on my list to make of the projects in this book.

Round and Round the Crochet Hook by Author Emily Littlefair

In my opinion this book is ideal for those that like to make small projects to give as gifts, or for yourself. Since they are all doily patterns they will work up quickly while making a beautiful finished project.

The only downfall to this book is that some of the bigger projects have super small charts. Yes, you can copy them ad enlarge them, but that is extra work! I am not holding this against the book but I wanted you to know that there are a few projects that fall into this group. The other patterns all have much larger charts that are easier to read.

About the Emily the Author:

Hello my name is Emily and I’m addicted to crochet! Whether it be crocheting myself or looking at anything crocheted, I love it. I am a mum of three boys, who keep me busy 24/7.  So finding time to crochet can be sneaky and at odd times of the day/night. I wanted to create a blog so that I can share my love for crochet; what I make,some free patterns and links to purchase some! Who doesn’t love free things, especially when they are crochet related!!

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and I’m so thankful to live here.  With access to beautiful beaches and the luscious hinterland, there are so many inspirational places to visit, and I’m lucky it’s at my doorstep.

I learned to crochet the chain stitch when I was about 11 years old, since then I have been self taught with thanks to books, and more recently YouTube (it would have been handy a long time ago). There’s something about crocheting that I find relaxing, therapeutic and rewarding all at the same time. It’s amazing what can be created with a ball of yarn and a hook.

I hope that this little blog brings you happiness and inspiration and the help you need to crochet your own beautiful pieces. A world without crochet would be pretty dull.

Speed Dating Crochet Style:

Why ask just the routine questions in a routine way? We thought that it would be fun to ask simple questions in a speed dating fashion to learn a little more about the author. Hope you enjoy!

Q:  What is your favorite color?

A:  I love greens and teals and all shades in between.

Q:  What is your favorite fiber?

A:  I love working with cotton.

Q:  What is your favorite stitch?

A:  Definitely the popcorn stitch. I love the texture it adds.

Q:  What was your childhood dream?

A:  I wouldn’t say childhood dream, but my dream would be to open a yarn/craft/book/coffee shop where people can enjoy crafting and eating cake with other each other.

Q:  What is your favorite snack while you work?

A:  I don’t snack when I crochet as I find it annoying to stop and start lol. But I can’t go passed chocolate. 

Q:  What was your favorite school subject?

A:  Health and physical education and tech studies (making things) Love using my hands. 

Q:  What other hobbies do you enjoy?

A:  I work with polymer clay making earrings and I used to do hand-stamped jewelry, it’s all about the hands and keeping them busy.

Q:  Have your kids ever ruined a project you were working on?

A:  No because they know to not touch something when I’m working on it. Usually they ask to play with it after I’ve finished and that’s ok. They also love to play with my scarp yarn.

Q:  What was your first project?

A:  Crikey! That’s way too long ago to remember, but it would have been a granny square of some sorts.

Q:  Who taught you to crochet and hold old were you?

A:  I was taught the chain stitch when I was 11. Then in my late teens I was taught by a lady to make ripple blankets. 

This or That:

We all have preferences and we can learn a lot about someone depending on what they are. We though that it would be fund to play a little game of this or that to learn more about Emily. Do you pick the same choices as Emily?

Learning about author Emily Littlefair

Purchase Round and Round the Crochet Hook:

Purchase your copy of Round and Round the Crochet Hook by author Emily Littlefair

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