Reading Crochet Chart Symbols: Basics, Tips and Tricks

Crochet charts make crocheting so much easier. No longer get lost in the words or confused what a stitch is or if you are supposed to put all those stitches in that one stitch.

With crochet charts you can “see” what the stitch is and where it goes. I teach you how to read crochet chart symbols and give you some of my tips and tricks for how to recognize a stitch symbol that you’ve never seen before! This free video scratches the surface of crochet charts and crochet chart symbols but it is a good place to start.

“Using crochet charts has enabled me to take my crocheting from simple stitches to more complex stitches and construction because I am able to actually see how a stitch or pattern is supposed to look where as with words I struggle to visualize it.” –Marly Bird 

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Crochet Chart Basics

The video is really more of a 16 min lecture to teach you how to read the crochet chart symbols and crochet charts. Use the links below to follow along with the instructions I use to show you the symbols.


Hand drawn chart used in the video, the edging chart and key (note: this is NOT the full pattern): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pr5d7v0425ra0jp/AADL2aaCvXnFRno9npk4bv4wa?dl=0

  Garden Party Sweater Pattern:  https://marlybird.com/garden-party-sweater/ 


For more instructions on crochet charts take a look at this great Craftsy class taught by Charles Voth: https://www.craftsy.com/ext/MarlyBird_4843_CP

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  1. Louise says:

    Marley, Please write a book with all the time honored classic crochet patterns translated into large “Easy To See Crochet Charts/Diagrams/Illustrations” Being new to crochet, two years now I consider myself at the intermediate level of experience. I’m just now discovering Charts and Diagrams! Now I am looking for a large Crochet book with large pages- a compendium type book of Crochet Charts and can’t find anything good!!! Marley, you could make a lot of money and go down in history. And I could have a big book of lovely charts Or, could you share /direct us to such a book – if you know of a good one you could recommend? Thanks,

  2. Deb smith says:

    Thank you so much this really helped I just need to get a copy of the symbols to save to look back at on what they all mean will you please email them to me thanks deb

  3. Gracie Hayes says:

    hi there, Thank you for this great video, but the link to download your handwritten chart is broken. I’ve written them out myself, someone might have a look at the link as it would be most useful. Best regards

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