Prancing Through the Holidays || Knit and Crochet Stocking Course

Looking to make an heirloom stocking that can be handed down from generation to generation? Then let us help you with that! Prancing Through the Holidays Knit and Crochet Stocking Course by Marly Bird and Briana K Designs walks you through every step you need to make a masterpiece.

Evergreen Online Course

1 Make Along Knit Stocking
1 Make Along Crochet Stocking
Available 24/7
Ad-Free Printable PDF Patterns
14 High Quality Videos
Interactive Charts for Make Along Stockings
3 Bonus Heirloom Stocking Patterns (2 Knit & 1 Crochet) ⭐
⭐ Snow Day Crochet Throw Pattern ⭐
⭐ Snowflake Mosaic Blanket Pattern ⭐

…all housed in one course in the Marly Bird House!

Enjoy a memorable, stress-free knit and crochet stocking experience you’ll be displaying for years to come with the step-by-step online course for any knitter or crocheter that wants to make the stocking heirloom of their dreams.


If you’re dropping $50 to learn just 1 stocking construction and one method, that’s a spendy way to learn just ONE way to make one stocking. You would have to take more courses to really build skills and that will cost $100’s.

Which maybe doesn’t sound so bad, except when you realize this is so much more than a holiday stocking, it’s learning the skills and construction to be able to make socks! With the right course, you can easily take these skills to other future projects. So each step is important and you don’t want to feel rushed.

I remember back to my first in-person course, and it seemed like I was always juggling note-taking and working up swatches as fast as I could…

After a 2-hour course,  I JUST couldn’t remember all the skills, and I felt like I needed to take the course again.

Even though I thought I too great noes, it was hard to connect the notes with all the details of what I learned.

So I ended up using Google and sifting through tons of links to find clips of skills I had already paid to learn.

Worry Free Purchase! With this course, you don’t have to worry if it’s going to be worth it. Guaranteed ‘Nice List’ Workshop 

The Prancing Holiday Stockings

Enjoy a memorable, stress-free learning experience you’ll display for years to come with the step-by-step planning system to enjoy making the most out of your stocking home decor.


Visual Learners • Chart Lovers • Instruction Followers • First-Time Stocking Makers • On A Budget!

WHAT WILL THIS Prancing Through the Holidays || Knit and Crochet Stocking Course DO FOR YOU?

  • Get the “pro’s” secrets to avoid working up a stocking without a roadmap.
  • Enjoy crafting without driving across town (so you can crochet and knit more in less time!)
  • Select the time that works for you. Calling all night owls.
  • Work through the course knowing you have a community of crafters to enjoy the experience with you in a positive online environment.
  • Decrease frustration by knowing where and how to learn different stocking constructions (perfect for crafters who hate googling and clicking a million links)
  • Transform your home around the holidays with magical memories. A physical trinket can bring back feeling and fond memories. Has your grandma’s home decor ever sparked a nice memory? Give that to generations to come.
  • Know that your dollars are being spent on a supported course that will make memories to last a lifetime.


Most first-time crocheters and knitters make one of two mistakes. They jump into patterns outside their skill level without proper and successful instructions, or they never advance their skills at all.

In this module, you’ll learn how to create crochet & knit stocking with an optimized plan drawing from the wisdom of design experts. Even if you’ve made stockings before, you’ll use our one-of-kind teaching method to ensure you’re building skills and enjoying the process of creating.

  • Come away with your heirloom stocking home decor complete!
  • We’ll even give you video tutorials for each step.
  • Top-Down Knit
  • Bottom-Up Crochet
  • Forethought Heel
  • Casting On
  • Latvian Braid
  • Working In The Round
  • Carrying Yarn
  • Colorwork With Charts

BONUS: Your timeline and pace.

Get to the fun faster + without a headache!

Many people can only afford to spend money on courses every once in a while, so you’ll want to make.it.count.


We know some crocheters and knitters can whip up stockings in a day. And that’s great! You won’t have to wait on the instructor for your next section. If you already know how to cast on and do ribbing, that’s perfect! Feel free to skip ahead at your pace.


Is this your first time making a stocking? Or has it been so long you need a little refresher? We are here for you too and you can hit that pause button at any time. Feel free to rewind, relax, and learn at your comfort level. Did you know it can take a toddler to try a food 10 times before they like it? I sometimes feel this way with new skills, I need to see them, practice them, and review them before it clicks. This is not a race and is created for your comfort level.

Take a look at the bonus patterns!

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