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Pepperyberry Knits yarn, creator Heidi Hennessy, was the guest on the Yarn Thing Podcast today with Marly Bird, and it was all about the CASHMERE! Marly wanted to meet Pepperberry Knits at TNNA in May, but the booth was so busy. Those that did get in are still talking about it!

Heidi Hennessy, of Pepperberry Knits

Heidi is the mom of four boys and after her third son was born, she picked up a booklet and knit gloves using double-pointed needles, then a cable sweater. She found herself hooked, as it made sense to her. She shared with others at yarn group what how to cable, or other techniques, which progressed to teaching. Recommending yarns to others lead her to wonder about creating her own yarns.


Being entrepreneurial, she began with deconstructing cashmere sweaters found at the thrift stores, plying on her Ashford spinning wheel, and selling recycled cashmere. Of course, knitters LOVE cashmere and wanted a sweater’s worth. Heidi searched sources that would sell smaller quanities. The cones of color would come in laceweight and she would ply them together in solids and marled colorways. In two years, the work has grown into Pepperberry Knits https://pepperberryknits.com/

Karen Double Layer Mitts

Heidi has been so busy creating skeins to fill the demand, but amazingly has had some time to design a bit. Some designs come to her in her sleep. That’s where The Karen Double Layer Mittens came about.  https://www.pepperberryknits.com/products/karen

THIS pattern available to fans of the Yarn Thing podcast till SUNDAY NIGHT, September 7th. You can pick up this pattern at the Pepperberry Knits website and get 50% off with codeword yarnthing (yes, all one word and all lower case). Isn’t that great? Marly wants to add to this: to assist those that have not knit mittens or gloves she has a Craftsy class, use this code and get 50% off!  CLICK HEREFunsizebundle

What people were so excited about at TNNA was mini skeins, in theme colorways and put together in Fun Size Bundles that can be used to create cowls. It’s a great introduction to using cashmere and at very reasonable, unexpected prices.

They will be at VKLive NYC in January and StitchesWest in Santa Clara, CA, in February, then in Colorado for Interweave in April. Bookmark her Ravelry page for details: https://www.ravelry.com/groups/pepperberry-knits

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  1. Renee says:

    Heidi’s idea of the mini skeins of cashmere sounds great to me! Will definitely look for them! The mitts are so pretty and must be uber warm. I’ve never been into wearing mittens myself as I prefer gloves, but these are so doggone pretty it makes me want to make them! Great show, Marly!

  2. Penny Halverson says:

    I love your podcast. You turn me on to so many new vendors that I never wouldn’t have found if not for listening to you. I realized while listening to Pepperberry Knits and you that my local yarn shop carries the cowl bundle. Now, I need to check them out when I go later this week. Thank you so much!

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