Penny Reid Knitting In The City Book Collection

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    Marly Bird

    The One and Only, Marly

    Marly is a knitwear and crochet designer (and yarn addict) that is here to help you learn how to knit and crochet in a way that's fun and approachable.

    Meet Marly

    Knitting & Crochet Patterns for Every Mood
    A cartoon image of a joyful chicken, sitting comfortably in a green armchair, knitting happily with blue yarn, surrounded by pink and white flowers, looking for DIY project ideas. -Marly Bird

    Netflix & Chill

    Simple projects for when you want to relax and zone out

    A colorful illustration of a white rabbit with a unicorn horn, nestled among multi-colored leaves arranged like a fan behind it, projects every mood of peacefulness and whimsy. -Marly Bird

    Social Butterfly

    Frustration-free projects that you can easily work on in public areas

    A whimsical illustration of a white chicken adorned with pink flowers and light pink butterflies, featuring flowing tail feathers and a playful pose, all set against a simple white background, perfect for mood-based projects. -Marly Bird

    Smooth Jazz

    Projects that require a bit more intense focus (but music is nice!)


    Shhh Be Quiet!

    Advanced projects requiring deep focus (but a big payoff, too!)