Colorful One Ball Knit Scarf Cowl Free Pattern

lace knit scarf cowl free pattern

You have one ball of really colorful yarn. You want to make something interesting. Therefore, you should definitely check out this one ball knit scarf cowl pattern. What’s a scarf cowl? It’s a single accessory that you can wear either as a scarf or as a cowl, depending on your mood. It’s the perfect accessory.

Beginners should find this to be a fairly easy knit pattern to work with. You don’t need to know how to do buttonholes. There is only one special stitch. And since it’s a one-ball project, it doesn’t take you very long to craft it.

Beautiful Yarn Makes for a Luxurious Knit Scarf Cowl

Colorscape Yarn

When you work on a one ball knitting pattern, you really want to choose a terrific yarn. (And working with your best yarn is good for you!) This pattern was designed with Colorscape yarn in mind. This is a #4 worsted weight yarn. What makes it special is the way that the colors intertwine with one another and flow into each other in an artistic, almost painterly way. Each ball is 100 g/3.5 oz and 171 meters/187 yards of 100% acrylic yarn. Therefore, it’s machine washable, durable, and easy to work with.

That said, if you have another type of yarn that’s comparable to this one, don’t be afraid to use it for your one ball knit scarf cowl. Make sure that you use a worsted weight yarn with at least 187 yards to the ball. That’s enough for this accessory that can be either a scarf or a cowl. Therefore, just check your labels, and see if what you have in your stash will work.

The Rib and Lace Pattern

super simple rib and lace knit scarf cowl pattern

There are two major features to the one ball knit scarf cowl free pattern:

  • The lace pattern
  • The ribbing

The lace pattern is an easy, meditative pattern repeat that creates a lovely lacy texture. It’s simple to learn. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any difficulty picking up on this pattern. It uses one special stitch:

SK2P: Slip 1 stitch as if to knit, k2tog, pass slipped stitch over the resulting stitch of the k2tog.

The ribbing serves to separate the lace rows from one another. This gives the scarf cowl both stretch and design appeal.

The Button Details

You don’t have to know how to knit buttonholes in order to create this scarf cowl. The pattern itself does that for you. The yarn-overs that you work while creating the pattern serve as functional buttonholes. Therefore, you simply need to sew on your buttons. They make a terrific design detail on your scarf. Moreover, they allow you to button it up to turn the scarf into a cowl.

Get The Pattern for the One Ball Knit Scarf Cowl

Ready to start working on the one-ball knit scarf cowl? Grab the free pattern by clicking the image below. That page also has a link to the Ad-Free PDF for purchase if you’d rather work with it that way. Have fun!

One Ball Knit Scarf Cowl Free Pattern

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