100+ O’Go Yarn Patterns: Free, Knit and Crochet Patterns Using New Tangle-Free Yarn

Earlier this week I was thrilled to share my review of the new yarn O’Go with you. This is a totally new format of yarn delivery, available for four different popular yarn types. Each of the yarns comes in lots of different colorways. And now Yarnspirations has rounded up more than 100 O’Go Yarn patterns for you to use. There are both knit and crochet patterns for each yarn in different skill levels. There’s a project for everyone. We’ve broken down these categories below with easy links to each section that might interest you. Plus, we’ve shared some of our favorite patterns from the collection.

100+ Patterns Using O'Go Yarn

Quick Recap On O’Go Yarn

O’Go isn’t a brand new yarn. Instead, it’s a new format of delivery for some of your favorite yarns. Some yarn comes in balls, others in skeins … now you also have the option of O’Go. It’s a super smooth approach to easily getting the yarn from where it’s start onto your hooks or needles. Plus it offers convenience when playing with the different colors within the same O’Go. Again, check out my full review here; scroll down on that post to see the YouTube video showcasing what I’m loving about it.

Four Yarn Options for O’Go Yarn Patterns

There are currently four different O’Go yarns:

  • Bernat Blanket – #6 super bulky weight yarn
  • Caron Big Donut – #4 worsted weight yar
  • Caron Colorama – #5 bulky weight yarn
  • Red Heart Super Saver – #4 worsted weight yarn

There are different patterns associated with each one. If you have a preferred option among these yarns, then you can use the filtering tool on the website to choose the yarn you want to work with. Or, of course, if you’ve already purchased one or two of these yarns, then that’s another reason to filter the patterns in this way.

Here’s one example of O’Go Yarn patterns we like from each of the four options:

1. Bernat Blanket

Bernat Blanket O'Go Yarn Patterns

2. Caron Big Donut

Caron Doggie Sweater in O'Go Yarn

3. Caron Colorama

Caron Colorama O'Go Yarn knit scarf pattern

4. Red Heart Super Saver

Red Heart crochet pillow pattern with poms

Different Types of O’Go Yarn Patterns

In addition to sorting by the yarn itself, you can use the filter options on the O’Go Yarn Patterns page (HERE) to find specific types of project. For example, here you’ll find one Marly Bird team favorite from each of the three options in “pattern category”.

1. O’Go Yarn Patterns for Accessories

These further break down into “project type” which includes cowls, gloves and mittens, hats, scarves, shawls and wraps, toys, and general accessories. One of our favorites:

crochet plaid shawl vest free pattern

2. O’Go Yarn Patterns for Clothing

This is currently just broken down into patterns for sweaters and cardigans. One of our favorites:

knit sweater vest free pattern

3. O’Go Yarn Patterns: Home Decor

Finally, there’s the home decor section. These knit and crochet patterns break further down into the following project types: afghans and blankets, baskets, pets, and pillows and poufs. One of our favorites:

O'Go Yarn Patterns mosaic knit pillow

O’Go Yarn Patterns by Craft and Skill Type

Alternatively, you can focus your search by craft (knit or crochet) as well as by skill type (beginner, easy, intermediate, and experienced.) At this time there’s only one experienced level yarn pattern using O’Go Yarn but of course designers will be adding more soon. That one is:

O'Go Yarn Patterns for experienced crocheters.

And here’s one knit and one crochet pattern from each of the other skill levels that we think you might want to check out:

1. Intermediate

O'Go Yarn Patterns for Crochet Fair Isle Cowl
knit brioche scarf free pattern

2. Easy

O'Go Yarn Patterns for knit baskets
modern geometry blanket free crochet pattern

3. Beginner

Beginner Hat Crochet Pattern
Beginner Ribbed Knit Cowl Free Pattern

I’m excited about O’Go Yarn so I hope that you are too. If you start making any of these patterns, be sure to share them with us on social media so we can check them out!

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