NEW Red Heart Scrubby Cotton Yarn

Red Heart 7 Month's of ScrubbyRed Heart has this amazing yarn that is perfect to use for making washcloths and dishcloths. The yarn that I am talking about is Scrubby. So many people love Scrubby yarn that Red Heart put together a 7 months of Scrubby Campaign to launch new Scrubby patterns just for you. Each month there is a different theme and I host a Facebook Live video to show you the patterns up close. Best of all you have a chance to win a $25 prize package from Red Heart just by watching the live event! Be sure to join me on the 12th each month (through September) on the Red Heart Facebook page to preview the newest collection of Scrubby patterns. This month features the new Scrubby Cotton.

*This post contains affiliate links. By clicking one of these links and making a purchase a small portion will go to support the blog, the price you pay is not changed. Thank you for your support*NEW Red Heart Scrubby Cotton YarnRed Heart Scrubby YarnScrubby started out offering one version that is a polyester yarn. This is great because it dries much faster than cotton yarn so that there is less change of the yarn going sour. After such a great response of Scrubby original Red Heart also had the Scrubby Sparkle. Now Red Heart has launch Scrubby Cotton to give all of the cotton lovers out there the ability to use the textured yarn of Scrubby for all of your washcloth and dishcloth patterns.Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle

May’s theme is Spa Days and features Scrubby Cotton for all of the patterns. These FREE patterns are both knit and crochet. If you want to see more about the Spa Day patterns you can head over to the other post that I have.

Red Heart 7 Month's of Scrubby Spa Days

7 Months of Scrubby Collection:

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