Mother’s Day Yarn Project

Looking for a great mother’s day project or even valentine’s project? Check out this make in a day project that you can customize to fit the person you are making it for. Combining yarn into other crafts is a great way to use your talents while keeping yourself out of a rut. The supply list is below and the total project can be made in just one day! Get started on your Mother’s Day Yarn Project with me.

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Mother’s Day Yarn Project:

Mother’s Day is a special day for many people. It is a day that we make sure that we celebrate our moms. This could be your biological mom, your adoptive mom, or just a mother figure in your life.

Yes, you could knit or crochet a project for your mom but sometimes it is nice to make something with yarn without spending weeks making it. This project will let you add yarn to a special gift for your mom.

Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art

In our example we are using the word LOVE but you can use any word that is special to you. I suggest finding a word that has an O in it, or a letter that you can remove to add a shape to string art. If you really wanted to, you could string art each letter.

An optional addition to this project is adding clips so that you can add photos to your sign. This is a great way to give your mom reminders of her favorite people.

Mother’s Day Yarn Project Materials:

For this project you will need a few things that are not knit and crochet related. Grab the materials that you like and get started.

Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art-Materials Needed
  • Red Heart Croquette (1 ball in color of choice)
  • Silhouette Cameo 3 (or any cutting machine or cut out letters)
  • Silhouette Permanent Vinyl (in coordinating or contrast color to your yarn selection
  • Transfer tape (for vinyl)
  • Fiskars Precision Hammer
  • Fiskars Precision Nail Starter
  • Wire Nails (used for hanging photos)
  • Wood board for backdrop
  • Super Glue (you can also use hot glue if you like)
  • Scissors
  • Rule
  • Small clothes pins
Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art-Finished Project

How to make your own:

For our Mother’s Day Yarn Project we will start by cutting out our word. To do this I am using a Silhouette Cameo 3 machine. I found a FREE SVG file that I used to cut out the word (I removed the word Christmas in the design program since I only needed the word love).

NOTE: If you don’t have a paper cutting machine you could paint you word on your board, or try finding precut letters.

L, V, E were cut on vinyl and the O (the heart) was cut on card stock. The vinyl letters would be adhered to the board while the heart would be my string art section.

Why did I cut out the heart on to card stock? I did this so that there would be a template for nails for my string art section. Using card stock gave me something that was a little more sturdy and easier to use when hammering.

Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art-Getting positioned

When working with permanent vinyl you will need to use transfer tape to get it from the cutting sheet to your board. Take your cut out letters and place them on your board so that you can make sure that they are the right distance apart. Then you can use your transfer tape to take it from the paper backing and put it on your board.

NOTE: If you don’t have transfer tape you can use contact paper. It makes the process a little slower but can still be done.

Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art-transferring vinyl

After transferring your letters to the board it is time to add your heart. The heart, a piece of card stock, is a template to know where to hammer your nails for the string art.

Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art-heart template

String Art Section:

Now that you have your letters on your board it is time to work on your string art. Notice in the supply list that you are going to be getting very small nails. The size of nail that you need really is dependent on the thickness of your board. You will want a small nail head so that it doesn’t take away from the look of your string art.

Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art-Nailing for String Art

A small nail head means that it can be hard to hold the nail to get it started. Our friends at Fiskars have the perfect tool to help us out!

Recently Fiskars released their DIY Precision Tool Collection which is PERFECT for the DIYer in all of us. Within the collection you will find the precision hammer and the precision nail starter. The nail starter is AMAZING and saved me from whacking my fingers a few times.

Using the nail starter is as simple as putting your nail inside the tool and hammering it in. I liked the tool because it not only kept my fingers safe but it acted as a guide for my nail placement.

Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art

I used the nail starter to get a consistent space between nails and to get a consistent depth into the board. After evenly spacing the nails around your heart template you are ready to start wrapping.

NOTE: be sure that you get a nail where the heart dips down to make sure that the heart shape is there. I started with this nail and then worked around.

Starting with any nail on your heart, tie a knot to keep the string in place. Working back and forth, or in any pattern, around your heart cover all of your white space. I make sure that I get each nail and that the coverage is the same all around. You can make any pattern that you would like to cover this area.

Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art-Starting String Art

Once you get your heart covered tie another knot to finish it off. I like to use a drop of superglue to secure the knot so that I can cut it close to the knot to finish. Once the glue dries cut your ends and you are almost done!

Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art -Finishing String Art

Finishing Your Mother’s Day Yarn Project:

Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art

At this point you can be finished with your project and have a great sign to display on a shelf or the mantel. I took mine one step farther. At the end of my project I added a ribbon, to be used to hang my sign, and some small clothes pins to hang photos. To attach the ribbon and the clothes pins I used a hot glue gun.

Mother's Day Yarn Project-Mother's Day String Art-Hanging version

Don’t forget to sign your finished piece and date it. Add a special note for mom. Then every time she looks at it she will know when you gave it to her and smile from your personal message.

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  1. Anita McCall says:

    I love the Mother’s Day project. I have two grandsons and they will be able to make this for their mom. She will be so surprised!

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