Marly Bird’s Top 20 YouTube Knitting Videos

Earlier today I published a roundup of my top 20 YouTube crochet videos. As you know, though, I’m BiCrafty. And I love to create content for both knitters and crocheters. So, of course, I had to comb through my YouTube knitting videos stats to find what’s most popular with the knitters. Just like with crochet, some of you like my knitting videos for beginners (such as “how to” videos) whereas others really love my step-by-step knitting pattern video tutorials. Here are the Top 20.

Want to learn more about knitting? Check out the video lessons in BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Knitting Lessons for Crocheters. You don’t have to be a crocheter to enjoy them!

Marly Bird's Top 20 YouTube Knitting Videos

1. My First Big Comfy Sweater

I’m not at all surprised that this is the most popular of my YouTube knitting videos. After all, who doesn’t love a big comfy sweater? All of the “My First” series are knitting videos for beginners to learn how to make specific items with ease. Learn more about this knit sweater pattern here.

2. Big Stitch Throw With Marly’s Mom

One of my most popular knitting videos for beginners series was when I taught my mom how to knit. You got to learn with her from the ground up. Lots of people enjoyed watching her learn. There are videos from the very beginning but in this one we learn how to knit the Big Stitch Throw. It’s comfy, cozy, and perfect for anyone. Find out more about this knit blanket pattern here.

3. YouTube Knitting Videos: Crescent Shawl

Learn how to knit this crescent shawl with my detailed video instructions. I love teaching and enjoy making it easy for knitters and crocheters to complete lots of different types of projects. Get the free knit shawl pattern here.

4. My First Knit Socks on DPN’s

There are so many reasons that this is one of my most popular YouTube knitting videos. First of all, most people who want to learn to knit want to learn how to knit socks. Secondly, double pointed needles can feel intimidating, so a detailed video tutorial is really helpful. And finally, you’ll notice this is also part of the “My First” series of knitting videos for beginners. Therefore it’s very detailed and helpful. This is a six-part video series; learn more here. Fun fact: Part 4 has also cracked the Top 20 of my most popular YouTube knitting videos, but I won’t make a separate post about it in this list.

5. How to Kniw One Skein Simple Lace Triangle Shawl

One skein knit projects are very popular. After all, they’re affordable and work up quickly. They’re often great for gifting. Plus they give you the opportunity to use up those lovely single skeins of yarn you’ve had hanging around just looking pretty for way too long. Learn more about this shawl here.

6. Knitting Videos for Beginners: M1 Invisible Increase

Many of my most popular YouTube knitting videos are for patterns. However, some of you also really like basic knitting how to videos. In this one, you can learn the M1 increase, which is a virtually invisible knit increase.

7. How to Knit Fantastic Brioche Scarf

Some knitters get nervous about trying brioche. However, my knitting videos make it easy for you to learn this beautiful technique. This is part one of three videos so make sure you watch them all! Get the free brioche knit scarf pattern here.

8. My First Knit KAL Sweater

You all love my CALs and KALs. And I love them, too! I do a lot of different ones throughout the year. Many are BiCrafty. But each spring I do a knit-along, and this was one of those. This is a six-part series of knitting videos for beginners who want to make their first sweater. Learn more here.

9. How to Do The Knitted Cast On

This YouTube knitting video obviously falls into the category of beginner tutorials. There are many different cast-ons in knitting. The knitted cast on is one of my go-to options. Learn it with this video.

10. Marly and Marly’s Mom Knitting Videos for Beginners

Were you curious before when I mentioned the Marly and Marly Mom’s videos? Well, they start right here. And in terms of number of views, video #1 in this series ranks in at number ten out of all of the Marly Bird channel knitting videos. Take a chance on watching it. You might have a lot of fun.

11. Knitting Videos: Textured Shawl How-To

I love texture in both knitting and crochet. This is part one of a four-part video series that shows you exactly how to knit this beautiful textured shawl. Get the free knit triangle shawl pattern here.

12. Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl KAL

Remember how I said I do a spring KAL each year? Well this was one of my first ones. And it’s still a favorite. It’s a simple knit garter stitch shawl. And yet you learn the long tail cast on, color changes, and more as you work through the videos for this project. Learn more here.

13. Unique Knitting Videos: Loop It!

Loop It is a particular type of yarn that’s designed for finger knitting. You can quickly work up a blanket without using knitting needles. If you have trouble finding that yarn, a good alternative is Bernat Alize Blanket EZ Yarn.

14. Knitting Videos: Road to Success Chic Hat

I love making knit hats. I also love showing you how to make knit hats. Therefore, I hope that you’ll enjoy the detailed video for the Road to Success chic hat. Learn more here.

15. How to Knit Easy Exquisite Cabled Throw

The name of this pattern says it all. This is one of those knitting videos for beginners where I show you how to do cables in an easy way that works up into a quick, but exquisite, blanket. It’s a surprisingly easy pattern. Get that free knit cable blanket pattern here.

16. YouTube Knitting Patterns: Stylish Dog Sweater

We love pets here at Marly Bird. You can meet our favorite crafter’s pets here. And find 80+ knit and crochet pet patterns here. But specifically in this video I’ll show you how to knit the stylish dog sweater that every dog needs. It’s great for holiday photos and pup-friendly events. Get the free knit dog sweater pattern here.

17. Knitting Videos for Beginners: Chunky Knit Hat

If you’re new to crochet and want an instant gratification project to prove to yourself that you can do this, then you just found what you’re looking for. This chunky knit hat free pattern is easy. Plus the video shows you anything you might have doubts about. Get the free beginner knit hat pattern here.

18. Any Day Beret YouTube Knitting Video

There are so many different types of hats that you can knit. A beret is a sophisticated choice. So I’m happy to have this knitting video to show you how to make one. Get the free knit beret pattern here.

19. Beginner Knitting Patterns: Cityscape Shawl

Knit shawls are a great way to practice stitches and build knitting muscle memory. Get all the pattern details here.

20. How to Knit the Shifting Stripes Shawl

Here’s another great knit shawl pattern video. You’ll work garter stitch and knit short rows to make a beautiful design. Get the free knit pattern here.

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