Marly Bird’s Most Colorful Knit Patterns

Are you itching to create a really colorful project with your knitting needles? If so, you’ll probably find what you want in this roundup of my most colorful knit patterns. Some of these use particular knit colorwork techniques. In others, the yarn does all of the work for you. Either way, you end up with a project that pops!

Most colorful knit patterns by Marly Bird

Capricious Temperature Knit Scarf Pattern (Fall/Winter 2022 SAL)

Capricious temperature knit scarf pattern - Marly Bird

Temperature projects are great for working with a lot of color. For Fall/Winter 2022, we’re doing a seasonal temperature project make-along. Mine is this Capricious Temperature Knit Scarf! Learn more about the SAL here.

Marly Bird’s Most Colorful Knit Patterns: Accessories

I really like to use color for accessories because you can quickly brighten up anything you might wear. Here are some of my other colorful knit accessories patterns:

Baja Candy Crushed Cowl, Hat, and Mittens Knit Pattern Set

Colorful knit cowl, hat and mittens pattern set - Marly Bird

Use your knitting skills to make the matching hat and mittens. Then, use your leftover yarn to make this colorful matching knit cowl!

Afternoon Delight Knit Hat and Cowl Set

Afternoon delight quickies knitting patterns for colorful hat and cowl - Marly Bird

These work up quickly, using up lots of yarn colors in your stash.

All The Hype Striped Knit Cowl Pattern

All The Hype striped knit cowl pattern - Marly Bird

This is a stashbusting project for using all your leftover yarn colors. It incorporates the Latvian Braid detail for texture and flair.

Tanglewood Knit Scarf Pattern

Tanglewood Scrappy Scarf colorful knit scarf pattern - Marly Bird

Cozy, colorful, tweedy, scrap-busting knit scarf pattern.

Entrelac Knit Cowl Free Pattern

knit entrelac cowl pattern - Marly Bird

Use Unforgettable yarn with entrelac knitting to create this amazing accessory.

Felted Knit Messenger Bag Pattern

Felted knit messenger bag pattern - Marly Bird

Take colorful knits to the next level when you felt (or full) the item to soften the colors.

Game Changer Knit Cowl

Game changer knit cowl pattern - Marly Bird

Combine five yarn colors in different combinations as you knit with different stitches in this terrific colorful cowl pattern. Similarly, but different, check out the Game Day 2020 Knitting Pattern.

Roulette Chic Cowl Free Knit Pattern

Roulette colorful chic cowl free knit pattern - Marly Bird

Use a diamond stitch pattern knit in the round with six colors to create this eye-catching cowl.

Super Simple Knit Rib and Lace Scarf and Cowl Pattern

Super simple rib and lace knit scarf cowl pattern - Marly Bird

Let the yarn do all of the work for you to create the colorful effect of this design that can be worn either as a scarf or as a cowl.

Absolute Beginner Chunky Knit Hat Pattern

Absolute Beginner knit hat pattern - Marly Bird

The yarn does all of the colorwork here as well. And this pattern is designed for total beginner knitters!

Crazy Stripes Knit Shawl Pattern

Crazy Stripes mosaic knit shawl pattern - Marly Bird

Use five different yarn colors with mosaic knitting to create intriguing textures and patterns.

Sea Glass Shawlette Knit Pattern

Sea Glass Shawlette beginner knit shawl pattern - Marly Bird

This is a beginner-level garter stitch knitting pattern where the color comes from the yarn you work with.

More of My Most Colorful Knit Patterns

Mostly I’ve used colors like this in accessories, but check out the poncho and the Christmas stocking below, too:

Northern Lights Poncho Knit Pattern

Northern Lights colorful knit poncho pattern - Marly Bird

Use two shades of self-striping yarn to create this poncho inspired by the shifting lights of the aurora borealis. 

Love Light Gleams Knit Stocking Pattern

Love Light Gleams knit stocking pattern - Marly Bird

Knit a colorful stocking to hang over the mantle or gift to someone this holiday season.

Camp Colorwork knitting and crochet online workshop

If what you love about knitting isn’t just working with lots of colors but incorporating different colorwork techniques, then come learn all that there is to learn in the Camp Colorwork Online Workshop.

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