If You’re Not Part of the Marly Bird Spring KAL Community, Then You’re Missing Out: Plus a Summer Challenge For You!

Have you seen the most recent Marly Bird / Yarnspirations Spring Kal – the steeked cardigan that we’re working on right now? If not, then check it out, because it’s not too late to join. Plus, today I wanted to take a look back at all of the Spring KALs we did in past years. Once the knit-alongs are finished, the full pattern becomes available. Therefore, all of these are great patterns that you might enjoy giving a try.

Marly Bird spring kals

2021 Steeked Cardigan Spring KAL

Marly Bird Steeked Cardigan KAL

This year’s spring KAL has already started. However, it’s not too late to join in on the fun. Learn all about the Steeked Cardigan KAL here. You’ll see that we’re working on a knit cardi sweater with thumbholes, pockets, and steeking. These are great techniques for all knitters to work on. Some of the BiCrafty Bootcampers are even working on this Spring KAL – and they’ve only been knitters for a couple of months now!

Join the Marly Bird KAL Facebook group to see how everyone’s doing on this one.

Join this Spring KAL over on the Yarnspirations Sign-Up Page.

2020 Spring Knit Vest Pattern

Marly Bird Spring KAL Vest

Last spring we worked on the Spring Knit Vest. The yarn does all of the colorwork for you to create the beautiful effect of this vest pattern. We implemented a lot of summer craft tips to make this a great project to knit now and wear over the next few months. This knit vest is available in seven sizes. It includes instructions for figuring out your sizing.

Bonus: You can add sleeves to make it a knit sweater vest.

2019 Spring KAL: My First Knit Sweater

spring kal sweater

The Spring KAL event offers a terrific opportunity to learn how to knit new things. Therefore, we went with the “first knit sweater” in 2019. Spring gives us that energy and bounce to attempt new techniques and tackle big projects. Plus, with extra hours of daylight, we have more time for crafting. This is a comfy, cozy sweater that can easily become your go-to pullover.

2018 Spring KAL: My First Socks

first knit socks spring kal

Whether or not you’ve knit socks before, this is a great pattern to play around with this summer. After all, socks are the item that most people have in mind when learning to knit. Many of the BiCrafty Bootcampers might take an interest in this pattern. And socks are a perfect summer project because they’re lightweight and small so they aren’t too hot to work with during the warmest days of the year.

2017 Textured Triangle Shawl Knit-Along

triangle shawl spring kal

This is a knit lace shawl, which is another perfect spring / summer make. It is light enough to craft comfortably in warmer weather. Plus it’s a good layering piece for summertime when the temperatures can change dramatically once the sun goes down.

Summer Challenge: Knit All 5 Spring KAL Pieces

Looking for a good way to challenge yourself this summer? Work your way through all five of these patterns. At the end of the summer you’ll have a shawl, a vest, a cardigan, a sweater, and a great pair of socks. Don’t forget to take photos of Flat Marly with you as you craft, especially if you’re crafting on the go!

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