How to make the Simple Crescent Knit Shawl

Simple Crescent Knit Shawl with Video TutorialRed Heart recently released a BRAND NEW yarn called Hopscotch. Today I want to share with you one of the new patterns designed with this new yarn and show you how to make it. The Simple Crescent Knit Shawl is a great option for fall and even summer in you air conditioned building.

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hopscotch yarn by Red Heart

Rea Heart Hopscotch comes in 7 colors and is a medium weight 100% acrylic yarn. The yarn is super soft and great to work with. This shawl is made in a crescent shape, not the traditional triangle shape. Try out this new yarn with this great new shawl pattern.

We will use circular needles to hold all of the stitches and increase using the yarn over method. I will walk you through this increase if it is new to you and teach you how to make each part of the shawl. If you are using stitch markers and want to make your own I have a great video to show you how. Don’t miss the two part video series to walk you through each step of the shawl.

Simple Crescent Knit Shawl with Video Tutorial

Simple Crescent Knit Shawl Materials:

Simple Crescent Shawl Video Tutorials:

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  1. Joan H Keckstein says:

    Done! I didn’t quite understand the last but with 2 yo and how to knit them, but it came too me and I really li je the stretchy bind off . A very nice pattern!

  2. Kathy Edwards says:

    The video doesn’t show the two next rows after doing row 4&5 forty-five times. Very confused as to what k3, yo, k to last 3 sts (knitting once into each 2yo and dropping extra wrap), to, k3.
    What / How does what is in brackets mean ????

  3. Mary Sue Renaud says:

    Can I slip the first stitch of each row to get a chain edge? I’m new to knitting and love trying out free patterns to see how I’ll do at this. Thank you!

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