How to Make Pom Poms with Clover PomPom Maker

Clover crochet hooks are among the most popular crochet hooks. That’s not all that they make that’s awesome, though. For example, have you seen the Clover PomPom maker? There are pompoms on so many different knit and crochet patterns. It’s not a trend; it’s a design feature. It’s going to stick around. If you want to make it easier to make pom poms, then learn how to use the Clover PomPom Maker in this video tutorial.

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how to use a pompom maker

Where To Use Pom Poms:

If you haven’t jumped on the pom pom bandwagon quite yet then let me tell you why I love them.

First of all, pom poms are great for everyone. They can be used on items made for men, women, children.

Second, you can easily add a little spice to any project by adding a pom pom. You can add it to a scarf, a blanket, a hat, a hooded sweater, the possibilities are endless. Really, it’s just a super simple way to add color, texture, and design detail to virtually any project.

Plus, they can be functional. Personally, I love using pom poms to cover the holes that are left at the top of hats. Pom Poms add a little something special to a basic hat. Or to anything else.

Pom Pom Makers:

Searching through Pinterest, you can find many different ways to make a pom pom. The most common ways are using a pom pom maker or using the ‘old fashioned way’ with cardboard. Each way of making a pom pom will give you slightly different results. Try out a few ways and see what you like best. It might be different for each project.

That said, a pom pom maker really makes your life a lot simpler. Using the right tool always does. If you love Clover crochet hooks, then naturally you might want to check out the brand’s pom pom maker. Of course, you might want different sizes of pom poms for different projects. The Clover pom pom maker comes in extra small, small, large, and extra large sizes. Plus they have a cute heart-shaped option for special projects.

Marly Bird’s Pom Pom Posts:

Have I talked you into giving pom poms a try? Take a minute to look at two of my older posts that also include pom poms.

First, I put together a photo tutorial of making your own pom pom to add as an embellishment on a package. See the tutorial on making a pom pom package topper. Try it on your next handmade package.

As mentioned before you can add also pom poms to blankets. You could add them to each corner or you could use them as a border option. See the photo tutorial of adding a crochet pom pom border on the blog. Have fun with pom poms once you’ve learned how to make them.

Pom Pom Maker Video Tutorial

Here’s the video tutorial for the Clover PomPom maker. It shows you exactly how to use it to make pom poms for all kinds of different projects. If you love Clover crochet hooks then you want to at least give this item a try.

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