Learn How to Knit Flat Intarsia with Anne Berk and Marly Bird

Knitting Intarsia can be a bit intimidating to the intermediate knitter looking to advance their skills. Join me in learning along with Anne Berk how to knit flat intarsia. Anne teaches us tips and tricks along the way and her special method which she has dubbed “Annetarsia”.

Video Tutorial-How to Knit Flat Intarsia

What is Intarsia:

Intarsia can sometimes be called picture knitting and is a colorwork technique used to create pictures in your knitting. The biggest difference between Fair Isle and Intarsia is that Intarsia patterns can be worked in any number of colors (over one) that you would like. Fair Isle is knit with a smaller repeating pattern typically alternating with two strands of yarn. Fair Isle also strands the color that you are not using behind your work so that color can be picked up again the next time it is needed. Intarsia uses a new yarn supply for each color section of a row, there are no floats. Intarsia can be worked from a traditional knitting pattern or from a chart.

How to Knit Flat Intarsia Video:

Individual Color Supplies:

In watching the How to Knit Flat Intarsia video you will see that Anne uses separate yarn supplies for each color section. To keep the yarn in a manageable form she uses yarn butterflies that she makes ahead of time.

You can learn how to make your own yarn butterflies from the post and video tutorial that we did with Anne.
Video Tutorial-How to make Yarn Bobbins

Practice your Knit Flat Intarsia Skills:

You can put your new found skills into practice with the Chic Sheep Dream Blanket that Anne designed using my new Chic Sheep yarn.
Chic Sheep Dream Blanket by Anne Berk

Annetarsia Knits:

Annetarsia Knits is a reference book for learning to knit intarsia flat or in the round, in stockinette or garter stitch. The book includes workshops, a motif library, and 28 patterns for using the new techniques. Content is designed for knitters of all skill levels Knitters have traditionally shied away from intarsia due to the annoyance of dealing with multiple yarn supplies on the needle, and weaving all of the ends.

Purchase your own copy:

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  1. Stacy Koster says:

    I loved this tutorial. Intarsia is a technique I find intimidating, butbyour video made it look a lot less scary. Definitely something I want to learn how to do.

  2. Lori Stewart says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I am “slooooowly” improving my knitting skills and would love to add this book to my library.

  3. Amberly says:

    I love the instructions for the yarn butterflies! I’ve already used this technique several times and it works amazingly.

  4. Julia says:

    I was glued to the intarsia video and would love to win Ann Berk’s book. I have never tried this technique, but always wanted to learn. Thank you both for the video.

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