Learn Corner to Corner Crochet with the Guest Throw

How to Crochet Corner to Corner Guest Throw with this free pattern from Red Heart Yarns by Marianne Forrestal. Learn how to use the corner 2 corner technique and crochet a super soft afghan that you can add to your guests room.

Video Tutorial with Marly Bird-Corner to Corner Crochet Guest Throw-FREE Crochet Blanket-FREE C2C

Corner to Corner Crochet:

In this video tutorial I will walk you through the Guest Throw C2C blanket and talk you through the first part of the border to get you on your way to finishing this fun blanket.

FREE video tutorial with Marly Bird-Learn to make the Corner-to-corner Crochet throw-FREE pattern

Grab your copy of the FREE Guest Throw C2C blanket over on the Red Heart website and then get started with me on the video tutorial.

Red Heart Dreamy Yarn

The body of this blanket is easy enough for beginners but the border might take a little extra skill. With patience you can do this border. But if you find it just isn’t working out, try just a simple shell border or granny stitch border to make it simple and fun.

Side Note: this was the first time I have taught a border like this. Is it something you like? Were you able to see the stitches better and actually see the pattern they create by me showing you on the actual sample? I wanted to try something new so please be sure to let me know what you think.

Video Tutorial:

Other Corner to Corner Crochet Tutorials:

Once you have mastered the Corner to Corner Crochet technique with a solid color try out one of the other blanket patterns that I have designed. They will push your skills as they use multiple colors. Try out the Heart Throb blanket, the Snowflake blanket, or the Chic Sheep Day Dream blanket.

If you still aren’t sure you understand how the technique works be sure to check out the other videos I have on my YouTube channel on working this technique. Over on my YouTube channel I will also show you how to work this with a half double crochet, my favorite way to work corner to corner. Make sure you subscribe so you always know when a new video is released.

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