Laura Patterson of Fiber Dreams

Laura Patterson of Fiber Dreams was our guest today on the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird, calling from Kelso, Washington.me-200-x-200-blank-shadow

Laura has visited the podcast before and since then has moved from Southern California. She and her husband, Dave, are enjoying the different climate. Dave has been a big help to Laura with Fiber Dreams Blocking Wires.  Marly uses them and finds them a great tool for her knitting AND crochet.

Blocking wires are so helpful in giving your finished projects a professional look, making the pieces conform to their designed measurements. Many of Laura’s designs include lace and the blocking wires bring out the intricacies of their architecture.

Fiber Dreams logoSpeaking of Laura’s designs, her most recent design was with Fiberista yarns, a beautiful shawl with a toothy edge called Great White (available only through Fiberista at the moment). Twist Collective also featured a shawl recently from Laura called Spinner. It features a wingspan with options between 39″ to 71″ and delicately beaded in laceweight  yarn. Some of her patterns are self published, such as the recent Mountain Laurel Cardigan, which features a bit longer length, a scoop-neck, 3/4 length sleeves, and and outstandingly beautiful lace pattern in the sleeves and back. It has been a policy with Laura not to reknit any of her designs, but with Lalique she had to make an exception, as it was knit with Sanguine Gryphon yarns who wished to be the official model for the pattern and she is very small. It’s been too popular to go without having a sample of!

Laura Patterson Spinner
Spinner was featured in the Twist Collective Winter 2015

You can keep up with Laura Patterson through her website/blog and FiberDreams.com and for our ease, she’s everywhere else as Fiber Dreams, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Her Designs in Ravelry can be found at THIS LINK.

Laura Patterson previously visited the Yarn Thing podcast in 2011 and 2010, so it’s very nice to get caught up with her since she’s moved to Washington.

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  1. Vicki says:

    My cats often try to snuggle up on my lap while I knit. I usually try to resettle them next to me instead. Knitting over top of them gets a bit tricky. I too need to look at your blocking wires. They come with such a favorable endorsement from Marly.
    Marly: Exciting news you shared at the beginning of the podcast. I hope we hear wonderful things about the sweaters being worn since you’re working both ends of the candle to have them ready.

  2. Jane Calvin says:

    Thanks for the introduction to Laura’s Fiber Dreams patterns and blocking wires – so glad your cat (and dog) got a bit of the spotlight!

  3. Linda C says:

    I was looking on Ravelry during the podcast and have to say that Laura has the most beautiful patterns. Just gorgeous!

    My cat just knocked my coffee over…gotta run.

  4. Susan Crosby says:

    My cat loves when I get my knitting and spinning supplies out. Clicking needles with wobbling cables, snaky yarn movements, whirling skein winder. So exciting!

  5. Lauren P. says:

    What a informative podcast. I look forward to checking out Fiber Dreams. And the “special” dog & cat ” guests ” made it really fun to visualize their antics.
    Thanks for another great show.

  6. Audrey Abbott says:

    I was listening to the podcast when I pulled in to my favorite quilt shop for a writing class. Afterwards, as I looked forward to listening to the end of the program, I found myself browsing, then buying bundles of luscious browns and rosy pinks in a line called Cherry Chocolates. Then a couple of patterns jumped into the queue. An old pattern embellished with a lovely cat motif in the design made it new and would pop in these colors.. As I listened to the remainder of the show, I knew it was serendipity!

  7. Hazel Vaughn says:

    I usually knit with a cat in my lap. Laura designs the most beautiful patterns and Isaura will be perfect for some lace weight I’ve been waiting to use.

  8. Lori Biamonte says:

    I am currently in a parked car knitting and listening to the podcast. I’m waiting for my husband to come out of Home Depot and also for the upcoming snow to start. I’m freezing and would love to have Laura’s cat or Pedro on my lap while I knit and listen. Sending my husband into Home Depot is like letting me loose in a yarn shop. I think he owes me.

  9. Valerie says:

    I don’t have a cat to create mischief in my life or knitting, but I do have a bird who is jealous of my knitting. She wants to sit in my lap and keep me from doing anything except “scritching” her head.
    I love to knit lace, so I enjoyed learning about Laura’s patterns. I am also going to have to check out the blocking wires.

  10. Mary L. says:

    I don’t have a cat, but my dog does participate in my knitting activities. He feels the need to sit as close to me as possible while I try to knit! I have two sets of Fiber Dreams blocking wires – they are the best!

  11. Robin says:

    I have no excuses… No cat, no dog and no kids and a fiber friendly significant other. I make my own yarns messes. Thanks for another terrific podcast. Robin RAD in NH

  12. Mary Kay Smith says:

    I can’t let my cat anywhere near my knitting because she sheds too much and she tries to bite my hands. Ouch! It was great hearing an update from Laura!

  13. Ramona says:

    I love that so many people who love knitting also love cats. I don’t have one but I enjoy sending funny videos and photos to some of my crazy cat lady friends!

  14. Missy Schmidt says:

    I don’t have a cat, but I do love them!!! And I LOVE to hear sweet Pedro snoring! Thank you for another fantastic show!

  15. Amberly says:

    I enjoyed this show a lot, and Laura’s designs look beautiful! I once crocheted a stuffed cat for a friend who was in the hospital…

  16. Ashleigh Eden says:

    I unfortunately can’t have pets where I live, but once I finish grad school and move out I am totally getting a cat! I enjoyed the podcast and I am intrigued by the whole blocking wires thing- sounds super useful!

  17. amy says:

    I don’t currently have a cat but my dog likes to eat my wooden knitting needles and crochet hooks if I leave them around. It gives me a good excuse to buy more.

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