Knitting Beginner Basics How to Knit 4 Stitch Front Left Cable

4 Stitch Front Left Cable Video Tutorial with Marly Bird

Cables are a technique that some knitters shy away from. When you break it down making cables is just rearranging the stitches on your needles. Let me show you how achievable this technique is in my new video tutorial all about the 4 stitch front left cable.

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Cables are achievable if you break down what you are doing an work on it step by step. Known as the 4 stitch front cable or left leaning cable this stitch pattern is worked over four stitches. Alter this stitch pattern to meet your pattern needs by using any even number multiple.

Rearranging your stitches to make the cable is accomplished by holding stitches to the front, in this case, while you move them to a new position. Moving your stitches is made easier with the use of a cable needle. Cable needles help you to hold your stitches as you work so that you do not drop them. There are a few different options for cable needs and you should try them out until you find the style that you like.

Video Tutorial with Marly Bird on the 4 Stitch Front Left Cable Stitch4 Stitch Front Left Cable Tip:

Working cables requires you to keep track of where you are in your pattern. Using stitch markers helps to keep you on track. Placing a stitch marker at the end of your cable rows will help you count to know where you next cable should sit. Learn how to make your own stitch markers with my knitting stitch marker tutorial.

Exquisite Cable Throw Free Pattern and Video Tutorial with Marly Bird

Practice the 4 Stitch Front Left Cable:

The Exquisite Cable Throw, a FREE pattern from Red Heart Yarns, is a great option for getting some practice. Not only will you work a front/left cable but you will also work a back/right cable. Breaking up the cables are sections of garter stitch making it a wonder option for starting out with cables.

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