Knitting and Crochet and Football? Oh, My!

Knitting and crochet and football

Who in their right mind would put together knitting and crochet and football? A match made in Heaven? You wouldn’t think so, but they go together pretty well. Maybe not as well as peanut butter and jelly, but these diverse activities have a lot in common.

Exactly how do knitting and crochet, and football compare?

Let me count the ways…

Any time, any place, anywhere

Isn’t it true you can knit or crochet any time of day or night as long as you have light enough to see? And you don’t have to be sitting in a comfy chair in front of the tv. Location doesn’t matter. I just proved that to you when I was crocheting the Riverside Crochet Scarf while standing in lines at Disney World. (You might want to check it out if you haven’t already.)

I could just as easily have been making it while watching a football game. By the way, did you see the post about the Game Day Mystery Makealong?

Not only can you knit or crochet at all hours, but you can play football pretty much any time too (as long as there are floodlights or street lamps), and anywhere there’s grass, sand, or enough wide open space.

Game Day mystery make-along

Knit, crochet, and football tools and terminology

All three disciplines use tools and terminology specific to their needs. You can’t knit with a crochet hook, and you can’t crochet with knitting needles, or can you…I’ll have to think about that one… Anyway, knit and crochet instructions aren’t interchangeable. Each has a different set of abbreviations and even styles of pattern writing.

Similarly, football requires specific tools, if you can call them tools, such as shoulder pads, helmets, and cleats, as well as that spiked ball. Can we call it a double-point ball? I don’t know. But there’s a whole different language to learn about football, too, not to mention each team has alternative names for similar plays. If they didn’t do that, the other team would know exactly what was happening as soon as the quarterback yelled instructions. Makes sense, huh?

Planning knitting, crochet details, and football focus

When you start a project, you must have a detailed plan.

  • Which pattern will you use?
  • What yarn does it call for?
  • Which color(s) do you like?
  • What about the order of colors if there are more than two?

And you most definitely need to focus, especially if it’s a detailed lace or colorwork pattern.

Of course, football has the same need for planning.

  • Which plays might confuse the opponent?
  • What should we do first?
  • Then, what?

Undoubtedly, each player has an intense focus on what they have to do and the desired outcome. It all makes sense for knitting, crocheting, and football, right?

Practice makes perfect…kind of…

You don’t get better at anything without practice. This goes for anything that takes a particular skill. Crafting takes skills that you only improve through repetition. The more you knit or crochet, the better you get, the more techniques you learn, and so on. But let’s not aim for perfection; nobody ever gets all the way there, so it’s better to aim for the best you can be.

Once you have these mad crafting skills, you can branch out and adapt, such as changing the colorway, look, stitch pattern, or fit.

Naturally, the same goes for football. Through constant practice and repetition, players learn the plays. They see how these plays fit into the game and can adapt what they do on the field to work with what they see happening as plays unfold. It’s the constant repetition that helps those moves happen naturally when needed.

Let’s talk about the competition

Are you a competitive knitter or crocheter? Are you determined to finish your surprise section first so you can try to win a prize? I know there are a lot of you out there who want to win! It’s fun, right? There’s nothing like winning a prize to make your effort worth it.

The Superbowl holds the biggest prize in all of football on game day. Yes, individual players are recognized and invited to play in other bowls across the country. But having your team win the Superbowl is the ultimate football prize.

Will you win a prize on Game Day? If you haven’t already looked, check out the blog post, so you’re ready to compete. Get ready to combine knitting, crochet, and football for an excellent Game Day Experience. There’s tons of fun and prizes planned, so make sure you’re ready for kickoff.

It’s a social, togetherness thing

Isn’t it, though? Are you a member of a knitting or crochet group or community? No? Maybe now’s the time to find one. If you’re not a Marly Bird Facebook Group member, click on over there and join now! You’ll find out about patterns, contests, techniques, stitch patterns, YouTube videos, and a bundle of other stuff. Don’t miss out on all the fun!

Oh, yes…football is a social thing too. Just think how many fans are in the stands at each game. And what about those at home watching it all on tv? I wonder how many are knitting or crocheting as they watch football? I will be – how about you?

Not only are knitting, crocheting, and football all social activities, but they’re open to all ages and abilities. There’s no lower or upper age limit for those who can enjoy any or all of these skills. Kids start crafting and playing football early; these skills last a lifetime. Not to mention what you learn while picking up any of these practices are patience, determination, and self-control, only to name a few. Isn’t that awesome?

What do knitting, crochet, & football have in common?

Get ready to knit, crochet, and watch football

See how many things they all have in common? I know; I was surprised, too, when I thought about it.

So, like I said, go join the Marly Bird Facebook Group, check out the Game Day blog post, order your supplies now to be sure they arrive in time and get ready to join in the Game Day fun and competition.

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  1. Ellie says:

    First to comment. That’s a first for me! Excited to try out and hope I make the team. Have to check my stash for yarn and color choices, and hope something good will be made. (Go Lions! as I watch the game today.)

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