Knit Summer Tops! Get Ready For Summer With These 20 FREE Lightweight Patterns for Knit Tanks, Tees, and Tunics.

Summer time doesn’t mean that you have to put down your knitting! In fact, you can enjoy knitting while making things that you can wear during the warmer months of the year. The trick is to choose summer yarns as well as patterns that complement them. Enjoy this collection of patterns for 20 FREE Summer Knit Tops. It provides the perfect inspiration to start you off. Work on these knit tops and tees all season long. They make the perfect handmade wardrobe during these warmer months of the year. Plus, check out our summer craft tips for warm weather knitting.

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Summer Yarns

If you are thinking about yarns to make summer knit tops, then you will want to think about what they are made of more than the weight of the yarn. In other words, although weight does make a difference, material matters more. So, yes, while you might want to look for summer knit patterns that lean towards DK weight yarn instead of super bulky yarn, yarn weight isn’t the number one factor.

Look for yarns in cotton, linen, silk and bamboo. These are ideal summer yarns. In the collection of knit summer tops patterns below, you will find that they use a selection of yarns like these. Therefore, they are great for wearing as well as knitting with throughout the summer.

Summer Knit Tops Free Patterns- Crochet Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

What to Knit in the Summer

Obviously, you can knit anything that you want at any time of year. However, if you’re a fast knitter, then you might want to knit summer tops during the summer. You can take them right off of the needles and put them on. Knit tees, knit tanks, and even knit summer ponchos all make great garments to make for yourself at this time of year.

Believe it or not, beginners can enjoy making knit summer tops. Yoiu can craft many knit tops usinng simple shapes and simple stitches. With a summer tank, you don’t even have to worry about sleeve shaping. You can easily enhance your summer wardrobe with items that will make people ask, “did you really make that yourself?”

20 FREE Summer Knit Tops Patterns

Enjoy these top twenty free summer knit top patterns for knitting all season long.

Free Summer Tank Top Patterns

  1. Shifting Rib Tank. This is definitely one of the best summer knit tops in the bunch. After all, it’s versatile enough to dress up or down all summer long.
  2. Get in Line Knit Tank. You can customize this silk bamboo knit tank to three different lengths for the perfect fit.
  3. Sunny Days Tank. The bright yellow color on this tank screams summer. The openwork design makes it nice and breezy.
  4. Patons Tank Top. Made with matching front and back panels, this is one of the easiest knit summer tops on the list.
  5. Knit Tank Tunic. This is a long knit tank tunic that you can wear over leggings, jeans, or a skirt.
  6. Lacy Tank. This is one of the best openwork knit summer tops, which makes it perfect for layering.
  7. Color Block Knit Tank. Have fun with color blocking in different shades of blue!
Other Summer Knit Tank Tops Free Patterns

Other Free Summer Knit Tops Patterns

  1. Top Down Knit Pullover. This is a top-down knit sweater made with self-striping yarn.
  2. Women’s Boatneck Top. Red and white stripes give this summer knit top a nautical feel.
  3. Breezy Dolman Top. Patons Grace makes this a light short-sleeved top. A beautiful cable stripe runs down the middle adding visual length.
  4. Drop Stitch Knit Top. You can’t go wrong with summer knit tops made with cotton yarn and interesting stitches.
  5. Fade to Summer Gradient Knit T-Shirt. You’ll use two shades of yarn with colorwork in the middle to create an ombre effect.
  6. Lacy Top. This scoop neck top can be worn over a tank top on hot days or a long-sleeved shirt on cooler days.
  7. Sleeveless Knit Shell. This is a cute top with a detailed neckline that stands on its own. However, you can add fringe sleeves for special flair.
  8. Serenity Knit Singlet. A lattice design gives the illusion of a flattering empire waist. Moreover, it looks difficult but is actually really easy to knit.
  9. Knit Boatneck Shell. This is a sleeveless striped boatneck shell top.
  10. Hotness Top. Knit yourself a sexy little black t-shirt for summer date nights.
  11. Breezy Cabled Knit Top. Super lightweight horizontal cables make this one of the most visually interesting knit summer tops.
  12. Easy Breezy Knit Top. Use drop stitch to create a simple box shape that turns into a flattering top thanks to easy seaming.
  13. 4 Row Feather and Fan Top. The beautiful green color on this shirt will complement any summer setting.

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