Knit Skirt Patterns for Summer

We recently rounded up some of our favorite crochet skirt patterns. However, what if you would rather knit a skirt? Well we’ve got you covered today. Here are some of the different knit skirt patterns that you can use to give your wardrobe a boost.

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knit skirt patterns

Cable Knit Skirt Pattern

cable knit wool skirt pattern

This is a classic cable knit wool skirt. It’s short enough that you could wear it in summer. However, since it’s dense and made from wool, you can also wear it in fall over tights. This is one of the Yarnspirations free knit skirt patterns. It’s an intermediate level design.

Cable Knit Heart Skirt Pattern

cable knit skirt with hearts pattern

Here’s another cable knit skirt. In this one, the stitches form a column of hearts. It’s a stylish, beautiful, easily wearable crochet skirt.

Pencil Skirt Knit Pattern

cami and pencil skirt knit pattern set

This is actually a knit cami and skirt pattern set. It’s designed to be sophisticated enough that you could wear it over a blouse and tights to the office. The skirt is a relatively simple but very chic pencil skirt. Make it with the cami or just make it on its own.

Romantic Lace Skirt Pattern

lace knit skirt pattern

This sportweight lace knit skirt also has a pencil skirt style to it. With vertical lines made from the stitching, it elongates the body beautiful. This skirt leans towards the romantic side.

Knit Wrap Skirt Pattern

knit wrap skirt pattern

Wrap skirts are among the most easy-to-wear skirt styles. This is a knit version worked in stockinette. Designed with lightweight yarn, this is a comfortable summer skirt.

A-Line Knit Skirt Pattern

aline knit skirt patterns

This is actually another of the knit wrap skirt patterns available through KnitPicks. However, it has a totally different style. This is a short A-Line Knit Skirt. It’s perfect for summer, as well, thought.

Fluted A-Line Skirt

fluted a-line knit skirt pattern

Here’s another flattering A-Line Skirt Pattern. However, this one is a fluted ribbed skirt instead of a wrap skirt. Therefore, it has a totally different design appeal. Which style do you like better?

Knit Panel Skirt Pattern

knit panel skirt pattern

Make knit panels in alternating colors to create this fun urban skirt. This skirt is designed with an elastic waistband and the measurements are easy to customize so you can adapt it to your own sizing.

Ombre Lace Knit Skirt Pattern

ombre high low knit skirt pattern

This skirt pattern has so much going for it. It’s an ombre in shades of blue that are eye-catching and easy to wear. It’s a lace knit that’s fun to craft and also beautiful to wear. And it’s a high-low boho skirt that’s great for summer.

Crop Top and Knit Skirt Pattern Set

knit skirt and crop top patterns

This is a flirty shirt and skirt knit pattern set that is adaptable to different ages and body types. Both pieces in the set are worked bottom-up in the round. Designer Laure Riker says, “The skater skirt features a perfectly matching picot lace hem, that will show everyone around you that your knitting skills are the creme de la creme!”

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