Knit Polar Bear Amigurumi Ornament with Video Tutorial

Do you love polar bears? They always remind me of the winter and cold weather. In this pattern you will make three cute polar bear amigurumi ornaments. In this video you will learn how to put all of the pieces together and not make each of the parts. Keep reading to learn more.

Video Tutorial-Knit Polar Bear Amigurumi Ornaments - Marly Bird

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About the Knit Polar Bear Amigurumi Pattern:

If you haven’t made a stuffed animal before with knitting or an ornament this is the tutorial for you. In most tutorials I show you how to make the pattern from start to finish. In this case I will only be showing you how to attach the polar bear parts together. The reason for this is that it is an intermediate pattern. To make all of the parts there are simple stitches that you need to know. You will need to know how to knit, purl, knit two together (k2tog-decrease) and knit front and back (kfb-increase).

With this being an intermediate pattern it is assumed that you know how to use double point needles. If you haven’t used those before you can check out my tutorials that were created for the 2018 spring KAL where I taught how to make a beginner pair of socks. Watch those videos to learn tips and tricks for using DPNs.

Through this tutorial I will show you all of my tips and tricks for finishing knit amigurumi animals and what I found to be most successful when making all of the pieces.

Video Tutorial for putting together the Knit Polar Bear Amigurumi Ornaments - Marly Bird

Knit Polar Bear Ornament Materials:

Red Heart Soft Yarn in Purple color - Marly Bird

2 – ¼” (6 mm) black beads (2 beads for eyes per bear), 2-5 – ¼” (6 mm) white buttons (3 buttons for front, and 2 buttons on back for long underwear version), sewing needle and black thread, embroidery needle and black floss, straight pins, polyester fiberfill

Knit Polar Bear Amigurumi Ornaments Video Tutorial:

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