Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers

Around this time of year most knitters and crocheters start to focus on making gifts for others. It can be hard for those that we know and love to find the perfect gift for us. My team has put together a list of knit and crochet gift ideas for you to use for gifting or to use for hinting to those who purchase gifts for you.

Knit and Crochet Stocking Stuffers Ideas with Marly Bird

The go to gift people first think of is yarn, needles/hooks and projects bags. We are sure to cover those items in our round up but we have included many more gift ideas. Start making your stockings and filling them to the brim with these great knit and crochet stocking stuffer ideas.

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Head over to YouTube to see all of the products in the Live video I did with Katelyn. Be sure to read through each of the products below. Some have offered coupon codes just for our followers and some are even doing giveaways! Click on each of the images below to be taken to each business’s website to purchase their products. Have fun shopping.

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Chic Sheep by Marly Bird

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Grab a drink, sit back and relax. We have a jammed packed round up of stocking stuffer ideas. We hope that you learn about some new products or companies along the way. Be sure to show these companies some love by going to their websites and Facebook page and making a purchase for your Christmas list this year.

We hope you use this round up to get ideas for yourself and other. Be sure to pin the images below so that you don’t forget what is on your wish list!

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Yarn Valet

Yarn Valet has a great set of tools that are wonderful for knitters and crocheters. For this round up we are featuring their yarn keys and stitcher’s GPS. I love the yarn keys for when you turn a hank of yarn into a cake. I usually end up misplacing the yarn label. Not any more with yarn keys! They keep the label secure to the ball/cake/skein/hank of yarn.

The stitcher’s GPS is a great addition for any yarn lovers toolbox. These removable stickers can be used over and over and allow you to keep your place in your pattern. Use them directly onto your printed pattern or use them in conjunction with the Yarn Valet’s pattern holder.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Erin Lane Bags

Let’s be honest, we can’t have a gift round up for knitters and crocheters without including a project bag or yarn. Erin Lane Bags, one of the wonderful sponsors of the Yarn Thing Podcast, makes beautiful and functional projects bags in many sizes. I never leave home without my own personal bags, and I am so lucky to say that I was Lindsey’s first sale EVER!

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Allure Fiber WashIf you are working with any animal fiber yarns, like my new yarn with Red Heart Chic Sheep by Marly Bird, you will need to use a fiber wash to clean and block your projects. The awesome team over at Bijou Basin Ranch has come up with an amazing fiber wash called allure. Allure comes in three scents and you can purchase them individually or in a sample pack with all three.

The story behind how allure was created is really worth hearing. Head over to the podcast episode I did with Eileen Koop, the developer.

Knit and Crochet Gift IdeasAlthough today’s round up is focused on knitters and crocheters this next products really is great for anyone. Going through winter we can all get dry chapped hands and the Shepherdess Salve from Livestock Co is just amazing for soothing the winter chap. Offered in three scents I am sure you will find something that suits you.

Many times the smell of lotions can be overwhelming and I must say that Livestock Co has done a great job getting the strength just right. They have made the salve so that you can enjoy the sent without it bothering everyone else in the room. Try it for yourself in Coconut, Honey Almond, or Petals.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Happy Crochet HooksAnother staple for all of the crochet lovers out there is a new hook. In this round up we have a few options for you. Starting off we have the Happy Crochet Hooks. They are part of the Happily Hooked Magazine family. These crochet hooks have hand made polymer clay handles. Offered in both Susan Bates and Boye brand and all sizes you will be able to find the hook that you love.

The clay handles give them an ergonomic design for those of you who will be crocheting a long time to prep for the holidays. Take a little stress off of your hands and try out one of these amazing hooks.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Athena's ElementsAthena’s Elements is the next company to feature in this round up. They have many things that yarn lovers will need. We are going to focus on their beautiful crochet hook cases. Each case comes with a zipper pocket which is perfect for your notions, so that you always have it with you. The cases are closed with a button closure and has a double row of pockets to add you full collection of hooks.

I must note that these are slightly padded. I have not seen a crochet case quite like this before, they are beautiful. Be sure to head to their Amazon store to see all of the great products that they have and the selection of patterns and colors. This is a great gift for someone who already has all of their hooks and just needs a great way to organize and store them.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Athena's ElementsWe are featuring Athena’s Elements twice in this round up because it is worth pulling this out on its own. The last case that we showed was geared for those crochet lovers out there that already have their collection of hooks and need a way to organize them. This case is is geared towards the beginner.

In this hard case you will get a set of hooks and all of the notions you will need to gets started. The case includes snips, stitch markers, stitch counter, finishing needles and more. Be sure to stop over at their Amazon store to see their full section of products.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with the Susan Bates Pompom MakerEven if I weren’t the National Spokesperson for Red Heart Yarn I would still share these products with you. There is a great selection of tools over on the Red Heart website and one of those is the pompom maker from Susan Bates.

If you haven’t made pompoms before you don’t have to worry! I have a photo tutorial on how to use the Susan Bates pompom maker on my blog so that you have everything you need. Pompoms add the perfect touch to a hat pattern or the drawstrings on a sweater.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with JUL DesignsKnitters and Crocheters alike will love this next item. Shawls have been a big trend for a while. One of the downfalls of wearing a shawl is that it can fall off depending on what you are doing. A shawl pin is the perfect solution.

JUL Designs has a wide array of shawl pins and shawl sticks. The Celtic Knot Shawl Pin will be sitting on my dresser so that I can easily pick it up whenever I put a shawl on!

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Neko curved DPNATTENTION all DPN knitters. This next item is a game changer for DPN users. These curved DPN needles allow you to only use three needles to complete your project. The curved design keeps the stitches from falling off, like could possibly happen with straight DPNs.

Check out the Neko website to see all of the sizes that they offer in the curved DPNs.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with GleenerPilling, dare I say the word out loud! Pilling is almost a dirty word when it comes to your hand knits. Pilling is when extra fiber bunches up due to the rubbing in certain areas of your sweater. No matter if your sweater is hand made or not you should always be very careful when trying to remove the pills.

In the past you may have used one of the sweater shavers that you can find in many stores. The Gleener is the next step up. It allows you to remove the pills from your sweater without the risk of cutting the fabric with the sweater shaver. Gleener is featuring their travel system for our round up of stocking stuff items. It is the perfect size for traveling with your sweaters and comes in a variety of colors.

The reason why this product is so different from our competitors is our 3 edges. They address different types of pilling and are safe for different types of fabrics. Because of this, it’s actually no harm to “gleen” frequently, you don’t need to worry about deteriorating the fabric.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with A needle Runs through it

Stitch markers are a staple in every knitter, and crocheters, tool kit. These beautiful wood stitch markers from A Needle Runs Through It are perfect for my project bag! Not only are they beautiful but they are super light weight and you won’t even notice that they are on your project as you work. Be sure to check out all of the varieties that they have available.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with OttLite Mini FlipWhen working with darker color yarn, or later into the evening, it is important to have great lighting. OttLite is a company that I can stand behind in their products and their quality. We are featuring the Mini Flip OttLite in this round up. It is the perfect light to pack in your bag and have with you whenever you need it.

To learn more about OttLite you can listen to one of the past Yarn Thing Podcast episodes where they were a guest.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with CoCoKnitsThere are so many small accessories that we can add to our notions bag and CoCoKnits has a section to check out. In this post we are featuring their stitch fixer, stitch stoppers and stitch holder kit.

I know that many times I will just grab an extra piece of yarn to use as my stitch holder but after getting CoCoKnit’s Leather Stitch Holder Kit I won’t be doing that any more! This is the luxurious way to hold your stitches. The stitch fixer tool is perfect for when you need to drop a stitch and work it back up to correct an issue from a few rows down. Stitch Stoppers are helpful when you have to put your project down, they keep your stitches from falling off your needle. This is great when you are using circulars or DPNs.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with All This WoodAfter spending the time to make a special handmade gift for someone you want to make sure that the buttons and closures that you select are just as special. Over at All This Wood the buttons that they make are beautiful. The detail on the snowflake buttons are unbelievable.

Not only will you find wood buttons there but you can also find tags, in both cork and wood, to add to your project. The ones shown here are general but you can get them with your own logo or name.

Knit and Crochet Gifts with AbletThere are many ways to keep track of your rows as you are working. Paper and pencil is the most basic, but why go basic when you can keep track of your rows in style? Ablet sells these beautiful abacus style bracelets that allow you to easily keep track of where you are in your project.

Best of all you don’t have to take the row counter off when you are done working! You can wear it as part of your regular wardrobe!

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Biterswit StampsOne of the things that we sometimes forget is that after making a special handmade item we want to wrap it to match how we feel about it. These stamps, from Biterswit, allow you to make custom tags to add to your package. For my Christmas gifts I will be using these stamps to make a care instructions tag to tuck into each of my projects.

When using acrylic yarn telling people how to care for their item isn’t as necessary since the items can be machine washed and dried. When you start to use natural fibers, like Chic Sheep by Marly Bird, you will want to make sure that the recipient knows how to take care of it. Image them throwing the item into the dryer and felting it an not being able to use it!

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with I Love HandlesI bet if I take a look into your knitting or crochet bag I will find a tape measure of some type. A measuring tape is an essential tool for all knitters and crocheters. It is how we can tell if we are getting the right gauge or to determine how long we need to make a project. I LOVE HANDLES has made this leather wrist ruler. Again here is another example where you can take the items that you need for your hobby and wear them for your every day life.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Wire & WoolSticking with the idea of wearing your tools, you have to take a look at wool & wire. These amazing necklaces are really holding beautiful stitch markers! Each necklace has an adjustable chain and comes in different options to match your style.

All necklaces come with one stitch marker and then sets of others can be purchased to match. I can’t wait to get my sparkly stitch markers on my next knitting project.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with InterweaveHow could we have a round up without talking about some beverages. Wether or not you drink wine this glass would be the perfect project glass. Fill it with wine, grape juice, soda or water it is your choice. You can find this wine glass over on the Interweave store.

Interweave has been a great supporter of the Yarn Thing podcast always offering us two books to giveaway to listeners.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Knit PicksOne of the things that I hear people struggle with is picking out colors that go well together for their project. When I saw this color wheel I knew it was perfect to share with you. Not only does it help you see what colors go well together but there is a window in each color section so that you can match up the yarn that you want to use. This allows you to start from the right location on the wheel to make the best decision on what goest together.

This color wheel is sold by Knit Picks and comes with a great booklet teaching you about selecting colors. It is worth the read.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Fiber DreamsBlocking wires are a must when working with lace. Just as we say that it is important to swatch before starting a project it is a requirement to block a lace project when you are done. Blocking your project will help open the fabric and give your stitches definition.

Fiber Dreams has a great kit of blocking wires that comes with a few different diamerters so that you have the best choice for your project. Using these wires and t-pins you will be able to get the perfect shape for your next lace project.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Knitters Pride Knit BlockersSpeaking of blocking, Knitters Pride has this great tool to help making blocking easier. Rather than having to use so many t-pins you can use these squares, with pins already in it, to block out your project.

The blockers come in two sizes and are all nicely stored in a box. This makes it easy to keep them all together and organized.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with Nancy's Knit KnacksNancy’s Knit Knacks has the perfect stocking stuffer for beginners and advance knitters alike. They offer the Knit-Kard sets. These sets have everything you will need to know about knitting and yarn in an easy to access card set. Made of a plastic material making them easy to clean should you get something on them.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas Wraps per Inch ToolExpand on your Knit-Kards with the Wraps per Inch tool! This tool allows you to determine the weight of your yarn if you no longer have the yarn ball.

These are great little tools to always have in your knitting bag as a quick reference.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with CloverClover has you covered in all of the accessories you could need for your notions box. You can walk down the isle at your local craft store and pick up all of these for your stocking. Clover offers stitch markers, yarn cutters, hooks, needles, finishing needles, row counters, bobbin holders and more!

The quality of these items is wonderful, I am sure you will love any of the accessories you choose to get.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas with ChetnanigansIf you haven’t heard of Chetnanigans yet you are really missing out! This small husband and wife team shop creates beautiful handmade wood tools for crocheters. Each piece is hand made at the time of your order!!!

They have just launched their artisan collection which will include some of their most popular pieces and will be made ahead of time to get your orders out sooner.

The quality of these items is impeccable! Not only do they have organization tools for your crochet hooks but they also have amazing blocking boards, broomstick lace tools (you haven’t seen one like this before), hairpin lace tools and more.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas Brittany Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks

We haven’t forgotten the knitters out there with this one. Brittany makes a beautiful collection of sustainable wood knitting needles, crochet hooks, DPNs, cable needles and shawl pins. If I am honest I typically don’t go to straight needles when knitting because they always seem to heavy, even right from the start. When I received these beautiful needles in the mail I had to test them out right away. I selected the beautiful dark wood pair you see in the photo and got to swatching with my new Chic Sheep by Marly Bird yarn. All I can say is that they have changed my mind about straight needles. They are so light weight and wonderful to work with.

Although they are wood and typically see more drag while you knit, my stitches were flying back and forth. I had to be careful as I almost dropped my stitches a few times because they were faster than I expected.

Best of all they are made in the USA and come in 100% recyclable packaging. Not only do you get something beautiful you won’t want to put down but you are also leaving less of a footprint with your purchase.

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas Ann Budd Gauge Ruler from the Loopy EweI know that swatching is not everyone’s favorite thing to do before starting a project. I know that I talk about the importance of swatching before you start often! One of the things that can be a challenge for people is how to measure their gauge. This awesome gauge ruler from Ann Budd, available at the Loopy Ewe, allows you to get a quick reading of your swatch!

As you can see in the photo there are ‘v’s on the ruler. If you line these up with the ‘v’s in your knitting you can get an estimate of what your gauge is. Each of the sets tell you how many stitches per inch you would be getting if your stitches match up to the ruler. There is still a traditional ruler so that you can get exact gauge but this overlay helps you get an idea if you are on the right track or not before having to count each stitch! This is a great little tool to have in your toolbox to make the swatching processes a little easier.

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