Knit and Crochet Vest Patterns – Stunning AND Armless!

Do you love working on the body of garments and then dread having to deal with sleeves? At the start, you’re excited to just get going on the back, and then you’re all thrilled when you’re finished with the second front. But, if you’re up for a quick finish and still have sleeves to work…then block…then sew in. Oh man, will you be excited about these knit and crochet vest patterns?

Vests aren’t only stylish and a real personality statement, but that’s right – they don’t have sleeves! 

I remember a certain person calling me up one day super excited about having a design accepted to a magazine, then saying…”But you’ll have to help me – how do you do a sleeve?” 

None of that problem here!

So knit and crochet vests have no sleeves. So, what? What’s so great about vests?

Well, let me tell you…

Why Wear A Vest?

Vests keep you warmer than you think despite their lack of sleeves. The body likes to keep its core temperature stable and pulls blood from the extremities. Conversely, it sends that lovely warm blood back out to those fingers and toes, doing its job perfectly.

Are You A Lady Of A Certain Age?

You know what I mean? Once we females get to a certain age, hormones can kick in and overheat us at the drop of a hat. If you’re not there yet – look out! Hot flashes can hit at any time, leaving you struggling to rip off any outer garments as fast as possible. You fumble around and grab something, anything, to frantically wave in front of your face to try to cool those sky-rocketing hormones.

Seriously, IYKYK! I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!

In this case, vests are an absolute Godsend! No sleeves = less struggling and quicker cooling!

Are Vests In Fashion?

I think there’s always a style of vest that is in fashion. No matter the hem length or design, there’s always a vest that hits the mark. And, of course, personal preference and personal style are key.

If you love the Fair Isle British sweater vest with a passion, but your friend prefers the swing drape style – who cares? You do you! Each to his/her own! There are no rules in fashion. We’re all our own person, and that’s the way it should be. The world would be a very boring place if we all loved the same things! Right?

Is Wearing A Vest Casual?

It can be. It depends on the vest style and the situation. Suit vests are definitely a more formal look, but this look can still be created with knit and crochet vests.

Knit and crochet vest patterns tend to be less formal, but the perfect vest for you can dress up or dress down your outfit depending on how you pair things.

A drapey knit or crochet vest can look fabulous over a dress just as well as it can a pair of shorts, dress pants, or jeans. 

You can wear a vest in the office, at home, or to a Baseball game or a wedding. They’re an amazingly versatile garment. I love slipping on a vest when hopping in the car to deliver my youngest to school when it’s just a bit chilly. 

Anyway, I think it’s about time I let you loose on this collection of patterns we collected for you!

Most are FREE! You’ll find more from the Marly Bird pattern collection linked at the end of this post. 

So, check them out! 

We have lots of different styles for all tastes!

Crochet Vest Patterns

Whether you love the close fit, cropped versions, or long loose, drapey, or collared… we’ve got you covered! Make sure to click through and download the ones you like. 

Fall is on its way. Don’t you need an extra layer that’s perfectly you?

Photo collage of 14 women's crochet vest patterns available through links on this page. Marly Bird

Savvy Sweater Vest

Rainbow Circle Vest

Lovely Lace Vest

Right Angled Vest

Painted Wool Vest

Long Tabard

Grey Splendor Vest

Fringe Vest

Flirtation Vest

Drapey Crochet Vest

Cozy No Seam Vest

Best In Hoodie Vest

Seashell Crochet Vest

Radiant Ripple Vest

Women’s Knit Vest Patterns

Looking for a women’s knit vest pattern with buttons, loose, belted, solid,  A-line? They’re all here. Really, there’s something for all ages and sizes right here. I think we have many yarn weights covered too! 

Take your time – pick the one that’s right for you. I know I already have!

Collage of 15 women's knit vets patterns available through links on this page. Marly Bird

Cabled Vest

Waffle Stitch Vest

Top Down Long Vest

Swing Vest

Study Hall Vest

Side Button Vest

Ruana Style Vest

Right Angled Vest

Rib & Twist Vest

Mitered Square Vest

Midnight Sky Vest

Lace Edge Vest

Turtleneck With Side Slits

Hooded Cable Vest

Celtic Cable Vest

Men’s Knit Vest Patterns

We can’t leave out the guys! Nope! They need to be warm/cool too! Nothing beats an extra layer on the way to work when the thermometer dips! Be kind to your guys! Show them some love.

Collage of 6 men's knit vests. Marly Bird

Basketweave Vest

Golf Vest

Mosaic Vest

Seeded Rib Vest

Country Gentleman Vest

Dad’s Cabled Vest

I KNOW you found something you like! Now, who will you make it for?

Got Yarn?

As you know, we love yarns from WeCrochet. They have an incredible selection of yarn weights and gorgeous colors that would be perfect in any of these knit and crochet vest patterns. 

Good for you if you bought yarn in their summer sale a couple of months back! If you didn’t…go check out their beautiful yarn collection right now. You deserve a treat! 

I’ll give you a hint…here are some of their self-confessed favorites…and I must admit I agree with them!

Looking For Marly’s Vest Patterns?

Here are a few you should check out. They’re true classics that stand the test of time.

11 Knit Vest Patterns by Marly Bird They’re listed as spring/summer vest patterns, but honestly, you can wear them any time you like! There are no vest time-wearing rules I know of. 

Here’s a book of crochet vests that rocks! Great styles by Abbey Swanson!

And I LOVE this men’s knit sweater vest! Soooo classic!

So many choices so little time. 

I guess it’s time to get to work! 

Happy knitting and crocheting vests!!!

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