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Project bags, like yarn, is something that you can never have enough of! Jimmy Beans Wool was kind enough to send Katelyn a sample of their new Namaste bags. She has been using it for a few months now and wanted to share with you what she thinks about it. Check out this review and see if you have just found your next project bag.

Namaste Bag Collection:

Namaste is where knitting and mindfulness meet. Each bag was designed with intention to incorporate knitting into your busy day-to-day life; to bring little moments of peace and happiness throughout your day. All Namaste products within each collection are designed specifically for knitters and/or crocheters.

The Namaste bag line was not always a part of the Jimmy Beans Wool company. It was started by Kelly and her husband. A few years ago they shut down the business and the Namaste bag line was no more.

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At the start of 2018 Jimmy Beans Wool reached out with a proposition to purchase the Namaste bag company. Kelly sold the business and the rest is now history. If you are looking to learn more about the story of how Jimmy Beans Wool purchase the Namaste bag company you can check out the blog post on their website.

Within the collection you will find ten different accessory options. This includes bags and organization products. Which one will you choose?

Fold Over Namaste Knitting Bag:

When Jimmy Beans Wool told me that I could select one of the new Namaste bags I was over the moon! I love Jimmy Beans Wool and LOVE project bags. Each project needs its own bag.

Jimmy Beans Wool Namaste Fold Over Bag

After looking at all of the options I decided to go with the Fold Over bag. Why did I pick this one you might ask? I really liked it because it was big and it had a long strap. Why were those two options that I wanted? I liked that it was big so that I could always carry a project with me.

I use this bag as more than just a project bag, I use it as my everyday purse. This way I can always have a project with me and still have enough room for all of my purse necessities. Unlike some other project bags you can’t tell from looking at it that it is a project bag. When I was out with my kids I got a compliment on my bag and they asked where I got it. After telling them and showing them that it was a knitting bag they couldn’t be live it.

Jimmy Beans Wool Namaste Fold Over Bag Inside

The long strap was also a selling point for me. I prefer to have a long strap so that I can wear it cross body. With a long strap and short handles this is a great option because I can use it both ways.

All Namaste bags come with an eco-friendly dust bag, a darning needle, a mini Knitter’s Dot Journal, an 8 inch tape measure/key leash, the patent pending Lotus Yarn Feeder, and a removable tassel with a Lotus Stitch Marker.

Once you get your hands on one of these bags I know you will fall in love!

Jimmy Beans Wool Namaste Bag Collection

Fold Over Namaste Bag Features:

  • Sturdy Vegan Leather – Lots of Pockets – BPA & PVC-Free
  • Comfortably fits the Namaste Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large Oh Snap Pouch (not included)
  • 2 invisible magnets keep the top secure
  • 1 interior zipper-wallet pocket, 1 pocket divider with 7 snaps (a built in Oh Snap project pouch!), 3 pen pockets, 1 phone pocket, and 1 notions pocket
  • 1 large back exterior pocket with magnet closure, 1 large front zippered exterior pocket, 1 large front 2-section magnetic pocket for your phone and wallet
  • Includes adjustable crossbody strap
  • Can fit straight needles up to 14″ in length
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About Jimmy Beans Wool:

Jimmy Beans Wool-Shop Now

Jimmy Beans Wool is actually owned and operated by a Laura. Laura, and her husband Doug, started Jimmy Beans in May 2002. 

The nickname ‘Jimmy’ came from a song by a singer named Todd Snider called ‘Doublewide Blues’. In the song, he talks about this neighbor Jimmy that’s so cool because he’s got a blue plastic pool on the deck in front of his house. Laura and her husband started saying ‘cool like Jimmy’ and that turned into her current nickname! 

While trying to figure out a name for the store, her nickname came up and they added the ‘Beans’ since they originally had a coffee shop. Since then, the yarn has overrun the store and the coffee is gone, but the name sticks!


Want to win your own fold over bag? Jimmy Beans Wool is offering one of our followers a a fold over Namaste Bag in the color of their choice.


The giveaway will run through midnight MST on February 26, 2019.

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