Knit and Crochet News: This Week’s Hottest Links in Craft Fashion, Art, Events, Healing and More

There are so many interesting things happening all of the time in the craft world. It’s hard to stay on top of the latest in knit and crochet news. So, I thought I’d make things easier for you. Each weekend I’ll bring you a roundup of links to the things that I think will interest you the most! Here’s this week’s knit and crochet news roundup:

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Knit and Crochet in the Mainstream News

Sometimes crafting makes the headlines even in mainstream news reports. This week, CNN reported that Crochet Tik-Tok Is Soothing and Sustainable. The article talks about how watching people knit and crochet on TikTok is a trend. It goes on to share that more and more people are crafting during the pandemic. And touches upon how handcrafted clothing, as part of the slow fashion movement, is a sustainable alternative to big clothing businesses. If you’re on TikTok, one crocheter you might want to check out is Knot Bad.

More mainstream knit and crochet news:

Knit and Crochet News: Health and Wellness

One of the most heartwarming knit and crochet news stories from the week has got to be “Knitters create gloves for kids, adults with limb differences.” It’s about a Facebook group that connects people with limb differences (fused fingers, missing digits) with knitters who create unique items just for them. Moreover, it shows a great picture of a happy young boy wearing his colorful one-of-a-kind knit mittens.

Other Health / Wellness Knit and Crochet News:

Hyperbolic Crochet, Math, and a Craft Community

Because of the way that crochet builds one loop upon another, it’s able to depict a wide range of different mathematical equations that are otherwise hard to show in the real world. For example, hyperbolic crochet – made infamous because of its use to create crochet coral reefs – reflects a mathematic principle. This article is about a college community crafting with math and science in mind.

Related: A Look at Arts Education for the Next Generation of Culture Makers mentions that LA students filled a classroom with handmade crochet, felt and beaded anatomy.

Celebrities Are Into Crochet Hats and Fashion

Knit and crochet are all over the fashion runways. An article on ten crochet hats highlights some favorites that celebrities like. For example, Bella Hadid and Ella Emhoff both sport crochet hats. Of course, if you can crochet, then you can make your own crochet hat instead! Still, it’s fun to see how celebrities are styling their handcrafted items.

Related crochet and knitting news:

A Call For Fiber Arts to Support Drama Camps and Babies in NICU

This is an inspiring bit of knit and crochet news. It’s a call for crafters to come together for two good causes. Knitters and crocheters are asked to collect pledges for how many crochet blankets and hats they can make. Then they’re making them before May 15th. All monetary donations (pledges) will go to support children’s summer theatre camps. And all of the crochet and items that are made will go to babies in NICU,

Related knit and crochet news:

Crochet Art in the Streets

And although not knit or crochet, you absolutely must check out: Artist Embroiders Polaroid Landscapes.

Fabulous Crafter: Happy 100th Birthday Betty!

Betty Goveia just celebrated her 100th birthday. She still knits and crochets blankets. Her advice to everyone, “go with the flow.”

Related: There are so many fabulous crafters out there. A recent article about a scientist studying COVID-19 is filled with jargon that isn’t simple to understand. But we can all understand at the end when she says that she relaxes with all things yarn!

And More Knit and Crochet News

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