Knit and Crochet Flowers in Red Heart Scrubby Yarns

Knit and Crochet Flowers in Red Heart Scrubby YarnRed Heart Yarns websiteHere we are again in another month of the 7 Months of Scrubby Campaign by Red Heart Yarns. June features knit and crochet flowers made in Red Heart Scrubby Cotton Yarn. Scrubby Cotton is the newest addition to the Scrubby line of yarn. Perfect for making washcloths and dishcloths Scrubby Cotton was made for all of you who like working with cotton yarn and the original Scrubby Yarn.

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Scrubby Cotton vs. Scrubby Original:

Red Heart Scrubby Yarn

Before getting too excited about the amazing knit and crochet flower patterns for this month lets break down the differences between Scrubby Cotton and Scrubby Original.

Scrubby yarn was developed to give knitters and crocheters an alternative to cotton yarn when making dishcloths and washcloths. The driving force being this was to give something that wouldn’t sour as easily as cotton. Red Heart found the solution in a polyester yarn that we love and know as Scrubby.

Scrubby yarn was so well loved that Red Heart made a second version called Scrubby Sparkle. Scrubby Sparkle was a great upgrade to the original Scrubby yarn. The sparkle of the yarn took it out of just being for a washcloth/dishcloth to a yarn that you could use for home items as well.

Again after seeing the success of the sparkle yarn Red Heart decided to make a cotton version so that all of the cotton lovers out there could experience the great texture of the Scrubby line of yarns. Red Heart put the best of both worlds together and made Scrubby Cotton.

Knit and Crochet Flowers in Red Heart Scrubby Yarns-Red Heart 7 Months of Scrubby Facebook Live Video

7 Months of Scrubby LIVE Facebook Video:

If you missed the LIVE Facebook video that I did yesterday on the Red Heart Facebook Page be sure to head over and like their page and sign up for notifications. On the 12th of each month, during the campaign, you can find me LIVE on the Red Heart Facebook page showing you some of the patterns from the current month.

July’s theme will be Summer Time and you aren’t going to want to miss the reveal of the patterns. Head over to the Red Heart Yarns Facebook page now to like and follow them.

Knit and Crochet Flowers in Red Heart Yarns 7 Months of Scrubby June Theme

7 Months of Scrubby June Theme-Flowers:

June is an exciting month for me. Flowers were one of the first things that I experimented with in my knit and crochet journey. This seems to be the case for many people. Using the Scrubby line of yarn will take your flower making to another level. Rather than a bouquet of flowers to cheer up your friend try making them a bouquet of Scrubby flowers. Try working up some knit and crochet flowers today in any of the three Red Heart Scrubby yarns.

Red Heart Cotton Daffodil Scrubby FREE Pattern and Video Tutorial

Recently I posted a FREE video tutorial for the Cotton Daffodil Scrubby pattern that is included in the June round up of flower patterns. On my YouTube channel you will find an entire playlist of Scrubby related videos. Be sure to check them out for tips on using the Scrubby line of yarns.

Scrubby FREE Patterns:

Red Heart has so many FREE Scrubby cotton patterns to choose from. Not only do they have Scrubby Cotton patterns but they also have Scrubby original and Scrubby Sparkle FREE patterns. One of the great things about the Scrubby line is that you can interchange the yarn types in the Scrubby patterns. (Always be sure to swatch before starting a project. This will ensure that you are getting a gauge similar to the pattern.)

7 Months of Scrubby Knit and Crochet Patterns:

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