Bernat Stitchalong From JOANN: Knit Blanket Clue1

Welcome to the 2019 Bernat Knit Blanket Stitchalong. This is the first Bernat Stitchalong that I am hosting with our friends over at JOANN. I’m thrilled to teach you how to make this spectacular knit blanket using Bernat Blanket Yarn. Join me for the next six weeks to make this blanket for yourself or someone special.

2019 Bernat Stitch Along week 1

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About the 2019 Bernat Stitchalong:

For our stitchalong, we’ll be making the beautiful Knit Festive Textures Afghan. Since this is a Bernat stitchalong there will be both a knit and crochet version available for you. Both the knit and crochet versions are very similar, and you’ll enjoy either pattern that you choose. I will be teaching and hosting the knit blanket only.

We’re knitting this blanket with Bernat Blanket yarn in very modern colors. But you can choose any color combination you wish to make yours match your home.

This is a 6-week knitalong hosted by Marly Bird. Mikey hosts the crochet-along at The Crochet Crowd.

Looking for all of the nitty-gritty details of the stitchalong? Check out the announcement post that I did two weeks ago for all of the details, dates, materials, and more!

2019 Bernat Stitch Along with JOANN, Yarnspiration and Marly Bird

Do I need to do a gauge swatch:

Typically a gauge swatch isn’t as important when working a blanket pattern since it doesn’t need to fit you when it’s finished. I still recommend that you complete a swatch before starting so that you know you are using the right needle.

2019 Bernat Stitchalong Week 1 Knit Blanket

Doing a gauge swatch will let you know that you’ll have enough yarn and that your blanket will come out the same size as the pattern says.

Each week you will find a new gauge measurement. Why is this? Each section uses a different stitch pattern, and the gauge slightly changes with each section. Always make sure that your gauge is correct so you don’t run out of yarn and that your blanket stays the same size throughout.

Bernat Stitchalong: Week One Supplies

Starting this project you will need to have one ball of color A, B, and C of the Bernat Blanket Yarn along with your knitting needles. I also suggest having a stitch marker.

Don’t forget to also download the pattern for week one.

Download the Week One pattern for the 2019 Bernat Stitch Along

7 Things You Need to Know:

  1. Cast on (I suggest the long tail cast on)
  2. How to Knit
  3. How to Purl
  4. Increasing (knit front and back)
  5. Joining a new ball of yarn
  6. Twisted Diagonal Stitch (without a cable needle)
  7. Decreasing (k2tog)

Week One Video Tutorial:

Share Your Progress:

By all means, please share your work with us! We would love to see your progress. Use the hashtag #MarlyBird or #HandMadeWithJoann when you share your photos! Please share them in the Marly’s Minions Facebook group or the Yarnspiration Stitch Along Facebook group.

Share on Social Media #MarlyBird or #HandMadeWithJoann

Bernat Stitchalong: Make a Cowl?

You might have noticed that the sample that I am making in the video is smaller than the blanket that you are working on. Rather than make the whole blanket in the video, I took a smaller section and made a cowl from the pattern.

If you want to follow along with the smaller sample and make a cowl with me, follow along here for my stitch counts.

What I’m Wearing:

FREE Pattern from Marly Bird-Crochet Rainbow Sprinkles Shawl

Love the shawl that I am wearing in the video? You can make one for yourself! I made this beautiful crochet shawl with one ball of Red Heart It’s a Wrap Sprinkles and is a FREE pattern on my blog. Grab a copy of the Rainbow Sprinkle Shawl.

Be sure to learn more about It’s a Wrap Sprinkles from Red Heart with my yarn review on the blog.

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    • Marly Bird says:

      Sorry that you are having some trouble getting the pattern. If you go back to this blog post and click one of the links to download the pattern you will go to a page that is about the SAL. If you scroll down you will see the crochet along and under that the knit along. In the Knit along section you will see the current week’s clue to download. There will be an arrow on the left that you can click to get to the previous weeks. Hope that helps!

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