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Today, Jen Lucas joined Marly to talk about how she started knitting, designing, and her new book Sock-Yarn Shawls.  Don’t miss their discussion about being a new designer and all that goes along with it.

LUCAS-LOGO-272Jen Lucas is a relatively new designer in the knitting scene.  She learned to knit just a few years ago after she graduated from college.  A friend gave her booklet and yarn and she basically taught herself from there.  Her first projects were, like a lot of new knitters, scarves.  She progressed from those first scarves to socks and then shawls.  After her first few patterns on Ravelry, she decided to propose a book to Martingale which eventually became Sock-Yarn Shawls.


The book has 15 shawl patterns all made with sock yarn.  The first section has simple triangular shawls that start with garter or stockinette stitch and end with lace borders.  The second section expands on the first with more complicated all-over lace. The last section goes beyond the triangular shape and explores other shapes.  You can get the book on Ravelry, Martingale, and Amazon.

You can find Jen on her website, Knitting Like Crazy, Facebook and Ravelry.  She has also done a few videos with DailyCraftTV, the first of which is up now.  Check out her How to Knit (a shawl from the book) video and keep a look out for more in the future.

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And last but not least, the GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment below with today’s keyword for your chance to win you own copy of Sock-Yarn Shawls!

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  1. melissavink says:

    Awesome podcast as usual!! Loved hearing how she got started. The garter love shawl is beautiful as well as the other shawls in the book!! I definitely have quite the stash of sock yarn and some would love to be made into shawls :-). Thanks for the chance!

  2. Linda says:

    Loved the podcast as usual. Enjoyed learning how Jen got started. This is the first time I’ve heard of her and now I’m following her blog. She seems to be doing stuff right up my alley.

  3. Shelly says:

    I don’t knit as well as I crochet. BUT, my Mom does and I would love to “assign” her a shawl from this book 😉

    • Shelly says:

      I missed my typing and meant to say: I don’t knit as well as I crochet. BUT, my Mom does and I would love to garter-love “assign” her a shawl from this book 😉

  4. Liz Fox says:

    I would love to get some garter love! The shawls are beautiful and since I’m not an experienced sock knitter – I need something to knit all that sock yarn in my stash!!

  5. Heather Bucci says:

    Beautiful patterns in your book. I really love the Garter love Shawl! I was just browsing all of your other patterns and have to say you design beautiful garments!

  6. Heidi G says:

    Hi! I really “garter love” Jen’s designs and would love to be ebtered into this drawing. Thanks Marly for all of your podcasts!

  7. Anita Dodds says:

    Garter-love me special knitted shawls. Can’t wait to check out Jen Lucas’s new book. Fingering weight is my favorite to knit with.

  8. Mary Kay Smith says:

    I just looked up the garter love shawl and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I bought a skein of sock yarn specifically because I thought it would make a beautiful shawl. I can’t wait to see the rest of these designs!

  9. Michelle says:

    I just checked this book out of my local library and I really want to knit a quick garter-love as a Christmas gift.

  10. Dominik says:

    I saw several samples of the shawls in Jen’s book in a yarn store in Los Angeles, and they are simply gorgeous designs! I can’t remember if the Garter Love shawl was there, but I do know that the shawls immediately caught my attention! Jen Lucas does beautiful work, and I hope she continues finding inspiration and putting out wonderful designs!

  11. Deila Hiebert says:

    I have plenty of sock yarn to create some garter love shawls! Seems all I knit is socks. Would love this book to knit some of the wonderful shawls.

  12. Kate M says:

    Thanks for another great show! I love Jens patterns. They are all so beautiful. I really like the garter love shawl! I was only knitting with bulky weight to make it go faster but I think this book would be a great place to start to get into the finer weight yarns. Can’t wait for the next show!

  13. Cheryl clemons says:

    Another great show. I garter love Jen’s book and her designs. I have sock yarn but don’t knit socks so this would be a great use for it.

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