Introducing Michelle Hunter

Introducing Michelle Hunter

Introducing Michelle Hunter, or as some know her ‘Knit Purl Hunter’, as we welcomed her for the first time to the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird!

Michelle says: ‘I am best known as the creator of the knitting education website, Knit Purl Hunter, where my videos have been viewed by millions of knitters. My books, Building Blocks, Building in Color, and Building with Lace are skill building series designed to progress the knitter through the major knitting principles. My time is divided between teaching classes nationwide and online instruction. My designs have been featured in various publications and are all supported with video tutorials. I consider myself the luckiest person alive to be able to combine my passion for teaching with my love of knitting.’

The Best of Knit Purl Hunter is an inspiring collection of 25 patterns from designer Michelle Hunter. Many of these patterns were originally featured as Knit-Alongs through her Progressive Needles series and are backed with the educational videos we’ve come to know and love from Michelle. Featuring all new stunning photography and a variety of projects such as socks cowls shawls and more. This book is a must-have for every knitter!Featured yarns include HiKoo CoBaSi CoBaSi Tonal Kenzie Llamor Rylie Simplicity Simpliworsted Simplinatural Sueno and Sueno Tonal along with Schoppel Zauberball and Zauberball Crazy. You can purchase this wonderful book with Marly’s #AffiliateCode

For those in the Seattle area, you’ll be tickled to know, Michelle will be teaching at Makers Mercantile (owned by Skacel who is the publisher of this wonderful book) the weekend of September 16 & 17.

For more information, go to knitpurlhunter.com. Don’t miss her blog and also, find Michelle in Ravelry, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you missed getting to hear this visit live, check out the video Marly posted LIVE in Facebook or listen to the podcast episode as archived: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/yarnthing/2017/08/22/introducing-michelle-hunter

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  1. Karen Leslie says:

    Great podcast. Michelle Hunter it was nice hearing your voice and how you went from teaching to full time knitting. I am grateful to have found you years ago on Ravelry KAL’s. My knitting has gone from plain to complimentary. Keyword is Building

  2. Mary Alice says:

    I have been wanting to try lace, and now seems like the perfect time with your new Building Lace book. I love building new skills, and want to check out your other books, too. Marly, I have recently found your podcast. I enjoy it very much. I have been organizing my yarn and other crafting supplies including books and magazines. I am listening to knitting podcasts while doing this. I enjoy the others, but yours is the best I have found! I also appreciate that crochet is included. Crocheting was my first craft and it is so often left out, and sometimes even looked down on. Thank you, Marty and Michelle Hunter! How did you get the nickname Knit Purl Hunter?

  3. Kate Stowell says:

    So enjoyed listening to Michelle share her work. Her website is my go-to for building new skills. I cut my knitting teeth on her Building Blocks book! Such a down-to-earth teacher, clear and so logical. And because she is a Buckeye, I know I can trust her implicitly!

  4. Susan Wilkie says:

    Just finished listening to the podcast with Marly and Michele Hunter. It’s my first time listening to Marly’s podcast but certainly won’t be my last. Loved the show.
    I have been following Michele’s KAL for a few years now and being a teacher myself, I know the hard work she has put in to her videos and her KALs. Loved listening to your back story Michele and how you have evolved over the years. Thanks for the help in”building” my skills as a knitter!
    Susan Wilkie

  5. Karen says:

    Love Michelle Hunters “Building” series. I can’t wait to look into more of her books or catch up with her sometime at knitting temptations. I live in Chillicothe, Ohio (an hour south of Columbus). Go Buckeyes!

  6. Heather says:

    I loved the afghan that helps a new knitter build their skills until the project is completed. I know you said you don’t teach kids much, but I think that is a great idea for mine! It would be nice to spend the winter building that with them!

  7. Donna Frunzi says:

    Thank you Marly and Michelle for another wonderful podcast. Building lace sounds like it needs to be my next step!!!! Enjoy your day!

  8. Louise Gingery says:

    Great to listen to this podcast. I have been aware of Knit Purl Hunter for several years and now I know where the building series comes from!

  9. Maritha Roijakkers says:

    Wow, sounds like books building confidence. I immediately looked for the knit purl hunter website and made it to one of my favorites!

  10. Anita says:

    I love Michelle’s philosophy about breaking complex techniques into doable building blocks that everyone can master. I was lucky to learn how to. Knit from my mom who was an accomplished knitter. She never told us that any project was too hard and was always willing to help us get through any obstacles. I was knitting fisherman cabled sweaters out of traditional wool and lace sweaters out of mohair as a teenager and never gave it a second thought. Having that solid foundation was a blessing and how wonderful that Michelle is providing that expertise through the “Building’ series of knitting books. Loved this interview.

  11. Jenny Davis says:

    Loved the pod cast! Can’t wait to build a Scoreboard scarf this fall while watching College and Pro football. Thanks for your inspiration!

  12. joyce hancock says:

    So nice to hear your podcast with Michelle Hunter. I have been following her for a few years and was excited to learn more about her. Many of her blogs have been helpful in building my knitting skills over the years.

  13. Audrey says:

    Kudos to Michelle. Not only does she help so many build layer upon layer of skills for knitters, but she is indeed building the community if knitters,

  14. Karol S says:

    Even if I don’t win, I plan on buying your books. As kintter, I love building the fabric one row at a time!!!!

  15. Jane says:

    My first time listening to your pod cast. Michele Hunter is one of my favorite designers. Great questions from you Marly, for all of us to know more about her. Would love to win her Best of KPH.

  16. Michelle says:

    I taught my self to knit with MIchelle’s Building Blocks book. It was FANTASTIC! Thanks for all the lovely work ladies.

  17. Kate Hall says:

    I have been reading things from the Knit Pearl Hunter for a long time now and was great to hear your interview with her! I love the sounds of Building Lace…I have just begun to try lace projects after more than 40yrs of knitting. This was the first of your podcasts I have listened to and I loved it! You are a joy to listen to and it will be fun to see what you come up with next.

  18. Sandy says:

    So glad I found your podcast! I have been doing Michelle’s KAL’s for some time now and have completed the Building Blocks blanket as a wedding gift for my nephew. I am now following Marlybird and am looking forward to learning and enjoying every minute of it. BUILDING

  19. Angie Martin says:

    What a wonderful pod cast! Thank-you both for the help in ‘building’ up my confidence to use my love for crochet to teach others.

  20. Roz says:

    Such a great podcast listening to Marley and hearing all about Michelle’s Building Blocks Books. Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. DeeAnn says:

    I am building a knitting library and would be happry to add Michelle’s Building Blocks Books series. I have frequently turned to Knit Purl Hunter videos for technique clarification. She’s already helped me a lot!

  22. Teresa Colon says:

    I enjoyed hearing from her how she approaches her books to help knitters work in building their skill sets.

  23. Brenda Ocker says:

    I enjoyed listening to Michelle. She gave me some ideas on how to keep building my knitting skill set. P.S. This is from a Steeler’s fan!

  24. Kimmie says:

    Hi Marly! First time commenter here! I recently discovered your podcast and am working my way through the older episodes on the podcast list archives. I am loving your podcast. Thanks for all you do!! Keyword: Building!!!

  25. Valerie K says:

    I love listening to Michelle’s story. I like the whole building block curriculum concept. I will be checking it out as I like to teach people to knit, too. I didn’t know that Michelle had written books before I listened. So glad that you brought her on the show, Marly!

  26. Carol T says:

    I loved hearing all about Michelle Hunter and her background in knitting. I would like to explore her ‘building’ book series and especially the Building with Lace book. And I know that The Best of Knit Purl Hunter would be an excellent addition to my knitting book library, as well. Great podcast.

  27. Janna Koenig says:

    Thank you for the great ideas. I am looking corward to building a cowboy season scarf for my son this year. I never thought of that but its a great idea. Thank you. Going to buy yarn for sundays game.

  28. Kathy Reagan says:

    I loved hearing how Michelle Hunter has built her book series so that we can enjoy “building” our knowledge of knitting!

  29. Alyx Perry says:

    Mrs Hunter and Mrs bird are fantastic. They help me build and grow with the craft in ways I never imagined. Thanks Ladies

  30. Vicki Vessa says:

    Loved your show today! I am not a knitter, but my Mom has found a new love of knitting socks. I am definitely getting her your sock book to help her in building her library of knitting books!

  31. Alicia A says:

    I think making a a square of the month technique is the best way for building skills. Michelle was the first KAL i did. The support is amazing!

  32. Diane B says:

    I believe that with this book you can’t help but learn new building skills and who doesn’t want new building blocks to work with.

  33. knitsallfolks says:

    I loved learning about Michelle’s building series! I wish I had heard about them earlier in my knitting career. I also totally want to be friends with the Best of Knit Purl Hunter model!

  34. Amberly says:

    Thanks Marly for introducing me to a new crafter who is helping the rest of us as we are building new skills! I can’t wait to check out Michelle’s books!

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