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ILA LogoIndian Lake Artisans owners Pam and Mark joined Marly to talk about their adventure into the yarn industry!

Pam and Mark discussed the beginning of their journey into the knitting and crochet industry, and how they wanted to bring some life back into their community, in the Detroit and greater Michigan area, that was devastated by the recession.  How cool is that?  All of their products are USA born, and is helping folks in their own community!  Their needles are a hexagonal shape, much like that of a classic No. 2 Pencil, easy to hold, and great for a beginner or experienced knitter alike.

Each needle is made and finished by hand, bringing out the beauty of the maple, cherry and walnut woods used.  Indian Lake Artisan’s signature standard straights, in 10″ and 14″, are the needles that have a different topper denoting the needle sizes.  Now they also have circulars, cable needles and double points in their inventory as well as beautiful shawl sticks.

All their needles are 100% guaranteed…if the tip begins to dull they will replace the needles!

As always, we have a great giveaway for you non-live listeners (or live listeners who didn’t get to call in and win), leave a comment here on the show notes with the keyword given by Pam and Mark, and be entered to win a beautiful set of Indian Lake Artisans needles!

You can find/follow Pam and Mark and Indian Lake Artisans on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Below we have some information on the other things mentioned on the podcast this week, Mittens for Detroit, a super sweet deal from Indian Lake Artisans for listeners of the podcast, and the weekly pattern deal!

Mittens for Detroit

Make mittens for this organization, send them to Pam and get a coupon code as a thank you! Don’t know how to make mittens? Perfect time to take Marly’s Craftsy class: https://www.craftsy.com/mgg use that link and get the class for 50% off!!!  The mailing information for sending Pam and Mark the mittens you make for this wonderful project is: PO Box 80523, Rochester, MI  48308.

A deal for everybody!

Tops and points

–A special 15% off coupon code just for The Yarn Thing listeners!

The code is case sensitive: MBirdYarnT

The weekly deal for 8/20/13 — 8/27/13.

Listen to the show to get the coupon code for 50% off!

Garden Party Sweater

Soft cotton and classic shaping form a posh design. The simple double crochet stitch pattern produces an artistic lace for a polished feel, while the oversized scallops add a touch of whimsy for a charming finish.

SPECIAL PODCAST THIS WEEK!  We have a special podcast Thursday with Brett Bara!  Make sure you tune in to hear what is new and exciting with Brett on Thursday!


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  1. Emma (kesal) says:

    I really enjoyed listening to the Two Verns. I love hearing about people making things locally from materials as local to them as possible.

  2. Toniatwister says:

    Another informative show. I’m so excited about the artisan needles
    From those two Verne’s I am heading over to buy a pair from them. I
    Can’t wait.

  3. Jody says:

    I enjoyed the podcast. I am a woodcarver/knitter so I appreciate hardwoods and the process that Indian Lakes Artisians put into their product. Two Verns to you!

  4. Jo-Ann Gillette says:

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. It’s always fun hearing about people making an idea happen and how they did it. The two Verns are an inspiration to all entrepreneurs. I wish them much success and I will be checking out their product in the near future. …..Jojo

  5. Anita Dodds says:

    The Two Verns’ interview last Tuesday was great. Thank you for introducing them to your listeners. I wish more business would realize that Made in the USA is money well invested. I know that I am always willing to pay more for US products, especially handmade. I’m off to their website now. Thanks again

  6. barb says:

    What a wonderful company the Two Verns have. They were great to listen to. I love the needles they developed! Barb

  7. Christine Vawter says:

    I loved the two verns story. It was really cute and they seems like such a lovely, fun couple. Thanks for the great show!

  8. Tammy Burke says:

    The Two Verns sound really cute and creative. Thank you, Marly, for ‘introducing’ some great people every week!

  9. Suzanne says:

    I couldn’t wait to get over here and find the links to Indian Lake Artisans. Two Verns are better than one as it is clear that they have put their heads together to make a fine line of projects.

  10. C.J. says:

    Two Verns and a Bird made just delighful episode, I went to see Indian lake Artisans site and you have turtle neddle! As a crazy tortoise lady, I must have it! Btw french retailer’s link is not working. Bises, CJ from France

  11. Dominik says:

    Funny how one can be entirely entertained listening to two Verns and Marly talking about knitting needles!! Great episode!!

  12. Anastey Lovely says:

    Two verns are better than one! I love hearing about handmade things crafted locally, it’s a joy to hear the love in their voices as they talk about how their needles came to be.

  13. MaryPat says:

    Enjoyed the passion the two Vern’s have and how a simple pencil turned an idea into a fabulous company! Thanks again Marly, for your great podcast!

  14. kim aka yarning4asmile says:

    I am really lovin the needles esp the owls since I collect owls. The “two Vern’s” were a joy to listen too. I love family teams/business. Its funny though because when he first said Vern I thought of the “Ernest Saves Christmas” movie that came out in 88. I always watched it with my family. In all the movies (there is a series) he has a friend named Vern and usually talks to Vern (which sometimes is the camera). I loved the movies they are great for a good laugh….also check out the camp one 🙂

  15. Susan Crosby says:

    The interview with the two Verns was delightful! Those needles sound awesome. Thanks Marly for bringing this great company and product to my attention.

  16. Mary Kay Smith says:

    What a delightful interview with the Two Verns! I love how they are contributing to the domestic economy, and can’t wait to try their needles!

  17. Melody Corso says:

    Love listening to your show! The two Verns were so enjoyable to listen to and reminded me of two peas in a pod. Great story!

  18. Rebecca says:

    I love that Indian Lake Artisans sources locally, and I look forward to supporting them nod trying their beautiful product. I loved the two Vern’s reference – I’m glad to not be the only one who says, “Hey Vern.”

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