How to Seam Crochet: Mattress Stitch (Plus Lace-Up Stitch Variation), Slip Stitch and Single Crochet Join Video Tutorials

You put a lot of effort into creating a good crochet project. Therefore, you want to make sure that you know how to do the finishing touches correctly. After all, you don’t want your work to look shoddy or fall apart because you failed to put the attention into those details. Therefore, you want to learn how to seam crochet. In other words, you want to learn how to stitch together different pieces – to attach sleeves to the body of a sweater, join squares for a blanket, or stitch the short sides of a rectangle together to create a headband or cowl. You have several different options for how to seam crochet. I show you three of them in this video tutorial.

crochet seaming options

3 Ways for How to Seam Crochet with Mattress Stitch

Crochet seaming simply means attaching one piece of crochet to another. There are a variety of different ways that you can approaching seaming, also sometimes called joining. For example, some seams are designed to be invisible whereas others are designed as decorative details. Often times people will use a simple slip stitch join, a classic whipstitch join, or a more textured single crochet join.

Mattress Stitch for Seaming Crochet

The mattress stitch is a flat, nearly invisible crochet seaming option. People use this when they want a durable join on any type of project. Whether you want invisible seams between motifs on a blanket or you want to crochet a sweater without an obvious join between its body and arms, mattress stitch will work for you. In fact, I show you how to seam a crochet sweater with mattress stitch on my Xanadu Pullover free crochet pattern.

Mattress stitch, also sometimes called woven stitch looks a little bit like a lace-up stitch. Think about when you lace up your shoes. It looks like that. In fact, sometimes I’ll refer to it as the lace-up stitch. You’ll put two pieces of crochet together, right side up. Then you’ll stitch them together in lace-up fashion, working entirely on the right side of the work. And yet, because of the loops you use and the stitch you’re working with, you get a naturally invisible seam.

As you’ll see in the video below, there are different ways to work the mattress stitch. Which you choose often depends on the stitches that you’re working into on the pieces that you’re joining. Additionally, you may work in different parts of the stitch loops. I’ve explained in the video why I might choose one over the other. I’ve also shown which particular version I most often tend to call “lace-up stitch.”

Video Tutorial for 3 Ways to Seam Crochet with Mattress Stitch

How to Join Crochet 3 Ways for Seaming

As I said, you can also choose really simple seaming options such as the slip stitch or single crochet join. In this video, for seaming together my crochet stitch sampler baby blanket squares, I show you those two options. I also show you mattress stitch / lace-up stitch again. With all of these options for how to seam crochet at your disposal, you’ll be able to finish a variety of different project types to perfection.

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