How to Knit: Drop Stitch Cowl

CLICK HERE for Drop Stitch Knit Cowl Free Pattern

Drop Stitch Cowl by Cathy Payson is just one of the many wonderful free patterns over at This cowl is part of their ‘Learn a Stitch, Make a Cowl’ series and I just LOVE IT!

This is my first knit video in my new partnership with Red Heart and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed working on the step-outs for this video. Honestly, I’ve been wearing the sample for a couple weeks and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it!

Now, you too can make this fun and fast cowl. With the free crochet pattern and the free video tutorial taught by me, Marly Bird you will have nothing but success.

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Make this amazing cowl with the knitted drop stitch rows that allow it to drape and make it comfy to wear! Drop stitches are created by adding yarn overs on one row and dropping those same YO’s on the next row. Choose from the great colors in this fashion yarn for the free pattern.


Here is the link for the FREE Drop Stitch Cowl pattern 


RED HEART® With Love®: 1 skein 1938 Beachy

Susan Bates® Knitting Needle: 5.5mm [US 9]

Susan Bates® Steel Yarn Needle

Stitches Used:

Knit Stitch

Yarn Over Increase

YouTube Video by Marly Bird:

YouTube Video Notes:

In this video you will learn how to increase stitches with a yarn over on one row then drop the yarn overs off the needle on the next row. This is what creates the long stitches.

You also get a tip on how to count the garter rows to know what row you are on as you work along.

One Skein or Less_Collage_Leisure Arts_4_name_1000

Looking for more? I love making quick projects and even wrote a leaflet with Leisure Arts on how to do some fun things! If you too are looking for fun and quick projects go and check out the One Skein or Less book by Marly Bird.

Ravelry Icon _2Look at more patterns by Cathy Payson

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