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Take a break from knitting and crochet to learn something new! My good friend Jill Wiseman owns her own bead shop and is an amazing instructor. Beading is a great hobby for yarn lovers to give you a different motion and finish with something beautiful. Learn why beading is such a great hobby idea for yarn lovers.

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About Jill Wiseman:

When talking about Jill Wiseman Designs you need to know the people behind the business. They are what make this shop different from all of the others. At Jill Wiseman Designs there is a mother and daughter team.

Think about the obsession that you have with yarn. How you love to touch it, look at it, organize it. That is exactly how Jill and her mom feel about beads.

June Wiseman of Jill Wiseman Designs
June Wiseman

June retired from her day job in 2012 and continues to work for Tapestry Beads, but now she can do it in her pajamas. She is known around the house as “The Staff” and “The Shipping Department”, and “The Employee of the Month/Year/Decade”. Her employee benefits also include daily naps if so desired, and she gets to bring her dogs and cats to work. In the living room.

Jill Wiseman of Jill Wiseman Designs
Jill Wiseman

Jill escaped her day job in 2002 and has been designing and teaching ever since. She travels around the country quite a bit and whines when she’s gone that she missed the fur babies. And then when she’s home, she whines that she misses the bead ladies. And she never does laundry unless she’s out of all clothes.

Jill Wiseman Designs:

At Jill Wiseman Designs their goal is to bring you great new designs, great products, and to make beading easy and fun.

How many times have you wanted to make a bracelet or necklace, but didn’t have exactly the right color or size seed beads? If you’re like us, it happens all the time! With a kit, you’ll have everything you need to complete the project – all the beads, needle, thread and instructions. And if you just need the beads and materials, we have that too!

Are you a beginning beader? We specialize in helping beginners get started. Their necklace and bracelet pages designate which projects we recommend for beginners.

5 Beginner Bead Kits:

  1. Curly-Q Bracelet Kit (Cellini Spiral)
  2. Daydreamer Bangle Kit
  3. Festival of Lights Kit

Shop Jill Wiseman Designs:

When shopping Jill Wiseman Designs you can purchase kits, patterns and all of the supplies you will need. Here is a generalization of what you can find on the website.

  • the complete kit, which includes everything you need to complete the project, including needle and thread
  • just the instructions, if you prefer to use your own beads
  • the beads only – a kit refill, which includes beads, clasp (if not beaded), needle, and thread
  • all your beading supplies – seed beads, SuperDuos, MiniDuos, crystals, firepolish, tools, and much, much more.
Shop Jill Wiseman Designs

Listen to the Show:

Want to watch live on YouTube? Be sure to tune in at 10am MST on the Marly Bird YouTube channel. If you can’t watch live that is okay, just catch the replay for your chance to win. Towards the end of the live show you will hear how to enter to win some amazing prizes from our guests.

Find Jill Wiseman Designs online in the following locations:

Jill Wiseman Designs Website
Learn more with Jill on YouTube
Connect with Jill on Facebook
Jill Wiseman Designs on Instagram
Be inspired by Jill on Pinterest


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  1. Sharon Moore says:

    Sparkle!!! I have been watching Jill’s YouTube for about 3 years now and that is how I have learned to bead. I watched today’s video because I do a “little” knitting and crocheting so now this will be a good place to learn more about knitting and crocheting! I found you through JIll!!!

  2. Barbara Graf says:

    The podcast was super sparkle Thank You Marly Bird and Jill. Now off to shop @ Jills shop and try something new!!

  3. Brittney Whittaker says:

    I would love to win and give the prize to my co-worker Wendy Carter who loves beading as a surprise! That way she can SPARKLE!!!!! #MarlyByrdRocks #JillRocks

  4. y2kmerlin says:

    Great video that makes me want to pull out my beading again so I can SPARKLE with something new!

  5. Tera Liles says:

    Love how the beads just sparkle!! Now I have to learn how to do beading in between my crochet projects!! Loved the live today!! Thank u for introducing something new!!

  6. Candice says:

    I have always wanted to learn how to make beaded jewelry. Would love to win some SPARKLE! Loved today’s show and will definitely be checking out Jill’s sites!

  7. Penny Hebert says:

    Wow, a little sparkle here and a little sparkle there. Enjoyed listening today. Would be nice to learn how to do this.

  8. Carleen Roberts says:

    Thank you for an entertaining YarnThing podcast today. Marly Bird and Jill Wiseman make YouTube SPARKLE!

  9. Mary Thompson says:

    Marly a md Jill loved the
    Marly and Jill loved the program. Hope you add SPARKLE to our crafts for years to come

  10. Karen Campbell says:

    Oh wow. Finally found this. Sparkle. My friend had a bead store and she moved. This is the most excited I’ve been about beading since then.

  11. Thadis Bostock says:

    It was so nice to see Jill Wiseman and hear about her jewelry business. The brackets she had for the podcast really sparkle. Her website is really cool. I shared your podcast with a friend.

  12. Kateri Dubois says:

    I love everything about Jill. Her humor, her designs, her store, and so much more. I love the sparkle she adds to my everyday beading.

  13. Rachel Solis says:

    Marly, I love Jill Wiseman Designs online store. She has triangle beads that SPARKLE and would look wonderful on a knit shawl. Thank you for having her on your show. You two are wonderful together and your genuine friendship and mutual respect for each other is remarkable. I love you both. Rachel S./RS BeadDesign

  14. Pat Erekson says:

    I have ordered from Jill, and her prompt delivery is so nice… I love he SPARKLE that lots of her designs have.

  15. Karen Forbes says:

    I would love to rekindle the SPARKLE of beading and incorporate it to my love of crochet. I used to make jewellery but not good at weaving at all. Will check Jill YouTube channel for lessons.

  16. Ernestine Bey says:

    I have watched Jill Wiseman tutorials on Utube before but this is my first craft podcast! I loved it and learned so much. It is refreshing to see different craft disciplines together. You added sparkle to my late night!

  17. Carri Benson says:

    Jill Wiseman and Marly Bird sure had a lot of ✨sparkle✨In the podcast today! Right after my love of yarn, beads are next in line!

  18. Kelli tuter says:

    Sparkle!! loved this podcast.. i’m new to both Beading and Knitting. Love both Marly and Jill

  19. Sharon says:

    How much SPARKLE could Marly & Jill SPARKLE if Marly & Jill could SPARKLE with me???

    Just watched Marly’s stitch marker video the day before this podcast!!! Now I have 2 more new hobbies… beading and shopping for beading supplies. Looking forward to watching Jill’s tutorials while I make some stitch markers and use them in my knit and crochet projects with more SPARKLE.
    Thank you so much <3

  20. Stephanie says:

    I wanted my wedding dress to sparkle so I embellished the bodice with Swarovski bicone beads. Every time I see it I can’t help but love those beads

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