Hello Bargello and Brett Bara

Brett Bara is the founder of the modern craft store BROOKLYN CRAFT COMPANY and also the owner of a new spinoff business, HELLO BARGELLO. Learn more about what is Hello Bargello and where Brett is continuing to take her businesses.

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About Brett Bara:

Brett has worked professionally in the fiber arts industry for over 15 years, as the host of PBS’s Knit and Crochet Now, the Editor in Chief of Crochet Today magazine, and the author of sewing and crochet books.

Brett started the Brooklyn Craft company in 2012 as a one-day event called Brooklyn Craft Camp. After seeing how customers loved taking classes they opened a studio to have year round classes.

Learn More about Hello Bargello

Over time Brett could tell that the customers wanted more. They wanted the supplies to be able to continue with this new skill that they had learned. Taking a leap of faith they moved their studio to a new location and opened their shop.

Brooklyn Craft Company is a modern craft store and DIY workshop space located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They stock a carefully curated selection of DIY supplies for all your making needs, including yarn, fabric, sewing notions and more.

A few years ago Brett found vintage bargello pattern books. She fell in love! When she started to look for more modern patterns she noticed that there weren’t any option. Rather than be frustrated or disappointed Brett took this as an opportunity to create them herself, starting Hello Bargello.

Through her new passion project, Brett is brining back the lost art of Bargello.

Learn More about Hello Bargello

Listen to the Show:

Want to watch live on YouTube? Be sure to tune in at 10am MST on the Marly Bird YouTube channel. Towards the end of the live show you will hear how to enter to win some amazing prizes from our guests.

Find Brett online in the following locations:

Hello Bargello Website
Brooklyn Craft Company Website
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Hello Bargello on Instagram
Brooklyn Craft Company on Instagram

Shop Hello Bargello:

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  1. Dee Thompson says:

    Meeting Brett today on the show with Marly and learning about Bargello was very satisfying and I hope to learn! Looking to buy a kit!

  2. Norma Binkley says:

    I have done Bargello needlepoint. Now I am thinking Tunisian bargello work would be a satisfying endeavor.

  3. Penny Hebert says:

    It’s was so “satisfying” to watch Marly & Brett today. I love anything creative that we can make with our own two hands.

  4. Rachel King says:

    This would be a wonderful new craft to teach to my girls that they would be able to learn easily! I would love to win the kit, as it would be very satisfying for my crafty soul, too. 🙂

  5. Carleen Roberts says:

    Enjoyed today’s YarnThing podcast, Marly and Brett! I can’t think of a more satisfying way to spend an evening than making a pair of Bargello earrings while listening to a Fleetwood Mac album! I look forward to visiting your craft store next time I’m in Brooklyn visiting my daughter!

  6. Ida Williamson says:

    Another satisfying fiber art to try out. Great to see Brett. BTW love the Bargello pattern names, I’m a huge Fleetwood Mac fan as well.

  7. Libby says:

    I never had much interest in needlepoint or embroidery. Seemed to fiddly for me. But Bargello looks like something I could find most SATISFYING!!!!!!

  8. Gail Korhonen says:

    A satisfying podcast! It was great to see Brett Bara! My granddaughter’s middle name is Rhiannon.

  9. Thadis Bostock says:

    Molly thank you for this wonderful podcast! It is so satisfying to see a resurgence in a old craft revamped. Brett has really made the crafting community excited with craft and pattern designs.

  10. Harmony Terry says:

    That was a satisfying podcast today. I love it that Brett is trying to keep a craft alive by breathing new modern life into it. Great job.

  11. Christiane Racette says:

    It’s so satisfying to see that I’m not the only one who fell into the rabbit hole of Bargello. It is without a doubt my most favourite needlepoint stitch. I’ve got about two dozen of these vintage books. Sadly most of them are in black and white, but still, they are full of bright ideas. I love the kits for sale on Hello Bargello website. If I did not live in the UK I would have purchased a couple.

  12. Christina says:

    I’ve tried embroidery and cross stitching but this bargello thing looks equally satisfying! Thank you for showing us something new (well new to us!)

  13. Apple Walton says:

    It would be so satisfying to win the Bargello earring kit. I love the colors, they are so chic looking. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Ruth Darelius says:

    Love the items – my favorite is the clutch. All the projects would be satisfying to make. Keep up the great work Brett!

  15. Margaret Donald says:

    Brett, miss you–loved you on knit & crochet now! Marly, just love your you tube videos, never miss one–so satisfying to see you together!

  16. arleen ong says:

    Wow, Bargello is new again. Remember doing the craft when I was a child. Wonderful and satisfying podcast with Brett and Marly!

  17. Sandi Schultz says:

    What a satisfying way to spend a little time knitting and listening to the podcast. I cannot wait to try Bargello!

  18. Julie Chaffee-mazza says:

    It is so satisfying to see an old skill revived and reinvented with new designs and excitement.

  19. Stephanie says:

    It’s always fun to start a new craft but only satisfying if I actually finish the projects haha. The clutch is so cute and probably my favorite!

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