Heart Throb Baby Blanket Part 1

Heart Throb Blanket by Marly Bird is a Free Pattern. C2C graphgan.
Heart Throb Blanket by Marly Bird

The story behind the Heart Throb Baby Blanket Part 1

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The response on this free crochet blanket pattern has been incredible. It is one of the most popular patterns available on the Red Heart Website that was released this month. I am so happy that you like it!

When I saw the finished project (crocheted by my #1 Minion contractor, Jenni Castaneda) I was in awe. It was even prettier than I imagined it would be.

Part 1

Given that I often will ask other designers about their designs in an interview on the podcast, I figured I would jump on here and give you a little back story about the Heart Throb Baby Blanket. The story only I can give you 🙂

To be honest, I have only designed one C2C (corner to corner) blanket and it was a LONG time ago. The Diagonal Stripes Throw was a piece I designed using simple double crochet stitches…not the more popular and well known cross-hatch stitch or box stitch.

The whole C2C buzz really didn’t interest me too much…until one of the most AWESOME C2C blanket projects come across my Facebook feed in Aug. 2015. Repeat Crafter Me (who I’ve admired for a LONG TIME) started to post about this beautiful crochet santa pixel square.

Santa Pixel Square by Repeat Crafter Me

In the same post she mentioned that she was making a total of 9 Christmas themed pixel squares for a blanket. I was so intrigued by the simplicity of the stitch coupled with the complexity of the chart that made these wonderful squares.

Final Crochet Christmas Character Afghan by Repeat Crafter Me

Over the next month as she made squares I watched, just like many of you. And at the end of September, when she posted her final blanket, I was like–

OMG, I have to make something like this!!!!

And that was when the planning began….

The story continues…just a click away

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