Happy Yarn Mail with Ashleigh of Sewrella on the Yarn Thing Podcast

Join Marly Bird and guest Ashleigh of Sewrella on the Yarn Thing Podcast at 10am MST on Friday October 13th. Learn all about Happy Yarn Mail and how you can get your own.Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird and Guest Swerella

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Listen to the Show:

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Red Heart 12 Weeks of Christmas 2017

Ashleigh of Sewrella:

Ashleigh is a crochet designer/crafter/all around maker who can’t get enough chocolate chip cookies & Gilmore Girls. She shares her love for creating & her handmade home on her blog with free crochet patterns and other yarn fun! 

Ashleigh also runs a crochet subscription box business called Happy Yarn Mail – it’s a yarn party in your mailbox every month!

Find Ashleigh online in the following locations:

Ashleigh’s Website

Ashleigh’s Ravelry Page

Ashleigh on Instagram

Ashleigh on Facebook

Sewrella YouTube Channel

Subscribe to Happy Yarn Mail

Happy Yarn Mail Subscription:

If you are wondering what Ashleigh includes in every subscription box take a look at the list below. You won’t want to miss out on these amazing monthly boxes!

  • An exclusive crochet pattern designed by me just for HYM. You can’t find these patterns anywhere else!
  • All materials necessary to make the pattern (hooks not included)
  • An exclusive video tutorial for the pattern (not accessible to the public!)
  • Extra crochet SURPRISE EXTRAS designed exclusively for HYM

21 Halloween Patterns from Red Heart

Yarn Thing Podcast Sponsors:

Without the help from our wonderful sponsors I wouldn’t be able to create this amazing show for you. Please show the sponsors some love and visit their website.

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  1. Mildred Jessee says:

    I loved getting to watch your podcast today on a day off from teaching. Beautiful fall weather here in Colorado, with sprinkles of color as the leaves fall. I love yarn with sprinkles of color as well!

  2. Chris Lopez says:

    What a great show! Loved hearing Ashley’s story of success at such a young age. I’ve seen her adorable Happy Yarn Mail boxes advertised but never had the chance to try. Since I’ve banned sugar loaded sprinkles from my life, I’d love to get my fix with yarn in one of her cheerful looking boxes.

  3. Jessica Lake says:

    Great podcast today! I loved how it was crochet talk Spinkled with business sense. Can’t wait to try Happy Yarn Mail.

  4. Debbie Natcher says:

    This was the first time that I have watched a podcast really enjoyed. Sewrella was great. I love sprinkles.

  5. Kathleen says:

    I’ve been following Sewrella for a while now, but listening to the podcast today really made me feel that I could possibly do a crochet blog as well. The sprinkles of knowledge throughout the podcast were very helpful.

  6. Lori Landers says:

    Good show! Here’s a tip. I use the empty bottles from sprinkles to hold my darning needles in my travel crochet bag.

  7. Ginny Meeks Widener says:

    This was my first time watching your podcast and I am hooked!! It was awesome listening to Sewrella this morning! The only thing that would make my morning better would be a chocolate covered creme filled donut with rainbow sprinkles!! Now I am hungry….hope yall have a wonderful weekend! Happy 13th!!


    Sprinkles yarn is so pretty!! On another note, my granddaughter doesn’t have an ‘Elf on a Shelf’ she has a “Good Fairy” named: Sprinkles!

  9. Bernadette Lipoma says:

    Love hearing Ashley today, been a follower on Instagram for a while now, her Lana Kimono was my first wearable I ever made and I’m now on my third one! Hope this is where I go to enter the give away for the SPRINKLE to arrive!

  10. Danielle Boots says:

    Would love to receive a special package in the mail! Sprinkle the sprinkles, be sprinkled! I think that should cover it. Thanks Ashley and Marley thank you for a great podcast.

  11. Ashley says:

    I love crocheting and wish I could do what Marly and Ashleigh do! Mom of 2 young boys makes it kinda difficult. I haven’t tried Happy Yarn Mail but would love to!! My yarn stash is getting low but I could use some sprinkles of more! Great show loved it!!

  12. Cheryl Clemons says:

    Another great podcast. Love learning about Ashleigh and how she got started. I love sprinkles… especially on my ice cream

  13. Theresa says:

    What a great show. I loved hearing Ashleigh’s story. I am a knitter and have only dabbled in crochet and know enough to do a border. Would love to do more. A yarn box subscription looks awesome and who doesn’t love sprinkles?

  14. Tammy McGurren says:

    I loved today’s show. I discovered Sewrella about a month ago and follow her on Instagram and FB. I have been crocheting for about a year and love trying new patterns. Actually just venturing in to working on a sweater pattern for the first time. And, sprinkles are awesome!

  15. Liz Keefer says:

    How exciting it would be to get a sprinkles box in the mail! Cute box, new pattern, fun products. And the yarn!!! Happy Yarn Mail is definitely on my Christmas list. Thanks for the podcast on crochet. I’m a failed knitter.

  16. Emily says:

    I love sprinkles!!!! How fun and exciting to receive a sprinkle top box filled with one of the greatest things ever…… yarn (and patterns)!!!!!
    I loved learning more about you Ashleigh! I found your website about a month ago and thoroughly love reading your blog and looking at your site!!

  17. Mary Lynn says:

    Loved learning about Ashley’s journey and would really like to enjoy one of her Happy Yarn Mail boxes. Her personality is sprinkled with joy and contagious crochet energy.

  18. Dawn Rose says:

    Loved this episode. I am a knitter that used to crochet. Seriously considering trying my hand at it again. Love all things yarny, especially when it is sprinkled in fall colors.

  19. Emily G says:

    I love sprinkles!!! I loved listening to your show!! Thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn a bit more about you Ashleigh. How fun it would be to receive yarn and a sprinkle box in the mail. How exciting!!!

  20. Mary L. says:

    I enjoyed listening to Ashleigh’s story. Yarn sprinkled with bright colors is my favorite and sprinkles on ice cream is the best!

  21. Karen says:

    Ashleigh is amazing, and her story sprinkles a lot of wisdom for a young person who wants the flexibility of working from home.

  22. Michelle says:

    Sprinkles? Jimmies? Those little bits of sugared sweetness add interest to our lives…just like lovely, lovely yarn and patterns. Thanks for a wonderful interview.

  23. WallflowerGal says:

    I purchased HYM a few months ago and can attest to how exciting it is to find the sprinkled box of goodies on your doorstep! Thank you to Ashleigh for posting her patterns and income reports – it’s inspired me to start pursuing my own blog yarnanigans.com

  24. Mary Alice says:

    I have never done a subscription yarn box, but yours with Sparkles sounds like fun! I enjoyed hearing about how you started your career and made crocheting profitable.

  25. Mary Alice says:

    Oops! I meant to say Sprinkles, not sparkles in the above comment. Your yarn box with Sprinkles sounds like fun! I enjoyed hearing about how you started your career and made your hobby profitable.

  26. Bonnie says:

    I was already a fan of Sewrella but after listening to Ashleigh tell her story on the podcast, I love her even more! I wasn’t aware of Happy Yarn Mail and I would love to try it out and get a gift box covered in sprinkles in my mail every month!

  27. Trisha says:

    Ah! Sprinkles – makes we want to eat cupcakes. Because of dry conditions, I’m hoping for rain sprinkles. Yarn sprinkles is a great idea.

  28. Alyx Perry says:

    Sprinkles of love going out to both of you. Loved listening to Ashleigh’s journey. And Congrats Marly on the Yarn line I cant wait to try it.

    Cheers Crafters!

  29. Stephanie Axman says:

    Great episode! I love the idea of a sprinkled box arriving in the mail! Such a happy surprise that would be. I’ve just added a few of your patterns to my favorites in Ravelry. Off to check out your blog…

  30. Suzanne says:

    hello! I enjoyed listening to you two chat. I think Happy Yarn mail is a super idea! Who doesn’t love GOOD MAIL? I also appreciated hearing how transparent Amanda is about her career. Kudos! Did you know that sprinkles (like for ice cream) are called different things in different places in the country? For example, in New Jersey sprinkles are called jimmies. 🙂

  31. Kathy Itson says:

    Great podcast. Really like the information about the ads. Really makes lots of sense. Really going to check out your blog for baby toys, maybe with sprinkles on them.

  32. Leanne Chrispens says:

    I loved this podcast. I went to the sewrella site and am seriously considering signing up for a happy yarn mail box. The sprinkles on the page we’re just so bright and colorful.

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