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Make these fun knit and crochet items in time for Game Day!

You know it’s coming, so let’s get ready to rumble! But we’re still a couple of weeks out, so in a moment, I’m going to give you a few ideas for some pre-game day knit and crochet to help you set the mood. But, for now, let’s talk party.

If you’re hosting a game day party, there’s always tons of preparation required. Food is probably the biggest feature, and I’m sure you already have a few ideas for serving your favorite game-day snacks. Drinks? Of course…and you know what you need in that department. But you still have a little time to set your menu on both counts.

So, have you thought about decor? Wait a minute…who shows up for the decor? It’s all about the game, right? Well, yes…but it is kinda nice to set the mood.

Are you gung ho for only one team, or is it simply an excuse to get together with a bunch of friends? Whatever your motive, having a theme is such fun. I have some great ideas for throwing not just any old party but a creating game day experience you and your friends will love. Even if you support opposing teams!

Check out these suggestions for setting a game day knit and crochet mood…

For the Crochet Table…

Holly Table Runner – yeah, yeah…I know, this is Christmas, but skip the holly, use team colors, and you have the perfect game-day table runner.

For the Knit Table…

Placemat – Yup – I know…this is a placemat, but again, switch the colors, don’t stop knitting, and you’ll have a fabulous knit table runner before you know it.

Crochet for the cans or bottles…

Beverage Can Holder – perfect for sodas or otherwise – pick your colors.

Knit for the cans or bottles…

Coffee Press & Mug Cozy – keeps your hands from getting cold as well as it does keeping your can or bottle cool – any color you like.

A crochet seat for your drink…

Crochet Coasters for Beginners – work these in team shades for a splash of color.

A knit seat for your drink…

Knit Coasters for Beginners – you can whip out a bunch of these in no time. Work a range of colors so your guests can choose their favorite.

Red Heart Super Saver yarn is an excellent choice for these quick and easy items, especially if you’ll be making a lot!

But now for the fun stuff…

How about making some cheerleader pompoms in team colors so you can have your own cheer section? Here’s some simple instructions for (no knit or crochet required) cheerleader pompoms. You could make enough that your friends get to choose which team to support. Stand up and shake those babies every time the right team scores. Don’t be fooled – adults can use them too!

And, my last suggestion, which is probably the most fun…

Did you see my Stuffed Knit F-Bombs pattern last month?

Stuffed knit F-bomb image - make up a game as you watch the game.

Here’s A Challenge…

Why not see if you can make enough F-Bombs in team colors to get you and your party people through game day? Is it even possible? You could make up a game to play as you watch the touchdowns fly. Keep a laundry basket out in the main viewing room and see how many of which team’s colors end up in the basket at the end of the game. If you drop one, you toss one! Hadn’t you better start knitting now??

Hopefully, you’ll be ready in time for the game.

Details come a little later about my Game Day crafting event…don’t miss out!

Stay tuned!

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