Friendly Chat and 30 Day Sweater Challenge

Thursday’s podcast: A Friendly Chat and 30 Day Sweater Challenge

A rather impromptu conversation between Marly and Me (Julie) and Johnny Vasquez co-creator of the 30 Day Sweater Challenge!

Marly and Julie discuss a variety of random topics including knitting, crocheting, contract work, books, audio books, and education.

Johnny Vasquez, founder of the New Stitch a Day website, talks about how he got into knitting, making a website, and the 30 Day Sweater Challenge.  New Stitch a Day provides step-by-step tutorial videos on knitting and crochet techniques as well as classes on various knitting and crochet topics.  A new stitch/technique video is added every weekday, Monday through Friday.  Check out all of their videos on their website and become a subscriber for VIP status and access to specials!

As a spin-off of New Stitch a Day, Johnny came up with the 3o Day Sweater Challenge.  The Challenge is based on a project that aimed to break down the process of knitting a sweater into simple and easy to follow steps and to get people through knitting an entire garment.  Johnny and Co. took their knitting know-how from New Stitch a Day and developed a course for making a custom top-down seamless raglan sweater.  The course includes a 30 schedule, video tutorials, a sweater calculator, downloadable worksheets, and more!  Check it out here.  If you like written instructions, you can buy the companion book 30 Day Sweater eWorkbook! There is still time so join the Challenge today!  If you are using the 30 Day Sweater Framework (the custom top-down raglan), you can be a part of the 30 Day Sweater Competition with your custom sweater design and maybe win their awesome prize package and be part of the 3o Day Sweater Book!

The prize package includes:

  • 5 sets of Signature Needle Arts Convertibles needles
  • A sweaters worth of yarn from Malibrigo
  • $200 gift card to Stitch Sprouts design services
  • A Stitches “The Works” package to any 1 Stitches event in 2014
  • Have their pattern featured in the 2014 Stitches West fashion show
  • and $1000 in cash!

Also, let Marly know what you are doing for the challenge by leaving a comment below and also give us your opinion on making crafting literature a regular part of the podcast!

Next week on the Yarn Thing Podcast, Kristen TenDyke and Finish Free Knits!!

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  1. Vicki Lynch says:

    I enjoyed the book talk before Johnny V. called in. I’ve been an audible member for years. One of my recent favorite authors I learned about from Knit Lit Chicks-Neville Shute. I’ve listened to 3 of the books and can’t put them down.

  2. Tad Clayton says:

    The 30 Day Sweater Challenge is to complete a sweater in 30 days. While we will be giving out prizes during the challenge, there is no prize for completing the challenge. Your reward is knowing you’ve accomplished this amazing feat and having a sweater you’ll love at the end.

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