French or English we are all Accro Crochet

Julie is the wonderful designer behind ACCROchet. You may have seen her around the internet and all of the wonderful patterns that she has. Come learn more about her and her growing business.

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About ACCROchet:

In French, accro means addict. So even in just the name ACCROchet, you get an idea of its founder.

Julie Desjardins is a passionate crochet designer, ambassador, teacher, translator, and mentor whose mission is to make crochet-believers out of everyone.

In 2016, Julie founded Francrochet, a collective of French-speaking crochet designers through which she aims to be the tide that lifts the French-crocheter-filled boats.

Keep learning about ACCROchet

Her original goal was to bring crochet into its own in her own province. Francophone crocheters had few resources when she came on the scene.

That goal has changed and evolved over time, and while she still has a soft spot for her French crocheters & designers, she now aims to be a resource for crocheters everywhere. Julie does this through classes, workshops, events, designs, translations and mentoring. She works with the best tools of the trade, and encourage others to do the same, to make everyone’s crochet experience ever more enjoyable. Julie loves to discover and teach new techniques, to challenge crocheters of all skill levels, and to promote our beautiful craft.

Crochet still has a reputation for being the ugly, lesser one. That is why ACCROchet was born, but that is no longer its focus. Instead, ACCROchet’s focus is now on the beauty of our stitches, the magic we create with beautiful yarn, and that moment of delight when a new completed crochet project enters the world.

Listen to the Show:

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  1. Leslie Mansfield says:

    Loved the podcast today. Love Accrochet and her patterns. Thanks for the giveaway. Accrochet loves Marley.

  2. Rachel King says:

    It is quite obvious that Accrochet Loves Marly! Accrochet has so many beautiful patterns, and I would love to win a few. 🙂

  3. Serena Lee says:

    Accrochet loves Marly! (As do we all!)
    I was interested in looking at your patterns as I was watching, but I was going to wait til the episode ended to check out the ravelry page. Then you said “Dobby socks”…. I’m waiting to buy the pattern only in the hopes that I win! 😉

  4. Betsy L. says:

    Heading to check out accrochet patterns as I’ve always wanted to crochet socks that don’t end up looking like ‘slippers’. :D You could really see that ACCROchet Loves Marly <3

  5. Debbie McKenzie says:

    I ALMOST skipped this one since I’m presently on a knit binge but WOW this hasta be one of my favorite guests. Love me some Accrochet! And fyi…watching this in a slowed down speed is EVEN funnier.

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