10 Free Watermelon Knit And Crochet Projects

Watermelon is one of the best summer treats! Sweet and hydrating, it’s perfect for a snack by the pool or as part of an outdoor dinner at home. Show your love for this summer favorite with these free watermelon projects to crochet and knit! You’ll find wearables and stuff for the home. And each one of them should make your mouth water with summer delight.

10 Free Watermelon Knit and Crochet Projects

Get The Cutest Watermelon Knit And Crochet Patterns!

Watermelon Dishcloth Free Knitting Pattern

Melon Dishcloth

Knit this dishcloth that uses eyelets to look like watermelon seeds! What a genius idea, quite different from how we usually see seeds crafted in watermelon yarn projects.

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream

Download the Melon Dishcloth free knitting pattern

Five a Day Knit Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

Five a Day Knit Cardigan

The yoke of this simple striped cardigan has watermelon slices all around it for a seasonal treat! This is one of the most adorable watermelon knit and crochet projects on our radar!

Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby

Download the Five a Day Knit Cardigan free knitting pattern

Melon Ripple Afghan - Free Crochet Watermelon Pattern

Melon Ripple Afghan

This lacy crochet afghan is just the right weight to use on cool summer nights! It’s perfect for a picnic, a lapghan, or to wrap around yourself at an evening outing. And although it definitely has the vibe of watermelon knit and crochet projects, it’s subtle enough to use year-round.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft

Download the Melon Ripple Afghan free crochet pattern

Watermelon Slice Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern

Watermelon Slice Scrubby

Crochet your way to clean dishes with this cute dishcloth. Honestly, doing dishes is a lot more fun when you have cute supplies. If you haven’t jumped on the trend of crochet food scrubbies like this one, then you’re missing out.

Yarn: Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle

Download the Watermelon Slice Scrubby free crochet pattern

One in a Melon Knit Bunting Free Knitting Pattern

One in a Melon Knit Bunting

These slices of watermelon turned into a bunting make it a great decoration for summertime cookouts! Watermelon knit and crochet bunting adds frivolity to any setting. If you’ve never made party bunting before, start with this project!

Yarn:Lily Sugar’n Cream

Download the One in a Melon Knit Bunting free knitting pattern

Watermelon Crochet Dress Free Crochet Pattern

Watermelon Crochet Dress

Make several sizes of this easy dress for great photos! How cute is a summer family photo going to be with everyone wearing one of these? And even without the Instagrammable photo ops, you’ll just delight in seeing your little ones in these easy-to-crochet watermelon dresses!

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft

Download the Watermelon Crochet Dress free crochet pattern

Melon Pocket Bag Free Knitting Pattern

Melon Pocket Bag

This knit market bag folds up in its own pocket to look like a watermelon! What a super cute idea! And so functional, especially for summertime.

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream

Download the Melon Pocket Bag free knitting pattern

Watermelon Wedge Knit Snuggle Sack Free Knitting Pattern

Watermelon Wedge Snuggle Sack

Parents and children alike can get cozy in these snuggle sacks!

Yarn: Bernat Blanket Brights

Download the Watermelon Wedge Snuggle Sack free knitting pattern

Melon Slice Dishcloth Free Knitting Pattern

Melon Slice Dishcloth

When you want to add a bit of fun to your cleaning up, use this dishcloth!

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream

Download the Melon Slice Dishcloth free knitting pattern

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